Amsterdam Feels

It’s been almost 4 years (oh my god did time just fly past like that?) since that summer in Europe, and I still honestly think it was one of the most fabulous periods in my life. Amsterdam was exciting, overwhelming, stimulating, and beautiful all at once.

SAM_1811(P.S: Wei Ling in 2011)

SAM_1842Amsterdam Centraal (no it’s not a typo) – I have no idea why, but the sight of this train station really wow-ed me at that time, or maybe I was too overly excited hahaha

SAM_1897Very beautiful architecture


SAM_2040First hand Heineken experience guys

SAM_2028Cheers to foamy beer – my absolute love


Oh dear Europe when will I get to go back to you next? Well I could do it next year, but there’s still Australia that I’ve yearned to go for the longest time, and many many many other places as well. Someone donate money $ to my travel fund please!

Amsterdam Feels

Back from my holiday in Hong Kong!

Hi, I’m finally back from Hong Kong after 6 days in the land of outrageously good food, crazy walkways, and super impatient people. I liked Hong Kong very much in general, with its sky high buildings lighting up the night skies and all, even though some people may beg to differ and find them intimidating instead. I ate so much while I was there! There were so many must-try places. Still, y’know what, I actually lost weight during the holiday! I really love walking, and all that insane amount of walking has done good in burning off all those calories. I probably walked a good 10km on some days, maybe. HAHAHA okay that would totally be an exaggeration, but since I got to try plenty of stuff while losing weight at the same time, double yay!


This was a trip with plentiful of highs and lows, so I’ll be back with a longer post on another day. There was quite a bit of stuff that transcended within that 6 days, and there are things that I’d love to pen down & remember in future. Anyway, here are my travel buddies for the bulk of the trip – my friends since 14 :) Hoho Woongsy & Sel! We took the picture above at Ocean Park, which was pretty fun and enjoyable. I think it was our favorite day out of the 4. I still can’t believe I actually went ahead & sat on the roller coasters even though I had never taken scary scary ones before this…We went straight for the daunting looking Hair Raiser for our 2nd ride and damn, it turned out to be so exciting & fun. I actually enjoyed it thoroughly even though I was screaming myself hoarse throughout the whole ride :D I miss the place already!

And, I’m so happy I got to meet up with Joyce & Min Hui there too! Was with Joyce most of the time on my first 2 days there, and got to meet Ah Min for a short cafe haunt on the 2nd day. There’s just something about meeting your close friends overseas :)

Just some snapshots first!


DSC04813Love you so much Ho! <3

DSC04844Super awesome Bo Luo Bun & Mexican Bun from Kam Wah Cafe omg totally missing this already

DSC04806Coffee date with Ah Min! <3

DSC05112Our epic monkey faces after a super wet ride that was screaming fun

DSC05048I luv penguins for their dumb-like cuteness ^^



DSC05282HAHAHA our selca with Mr LKY

DSC05340Egg tarts from Tai Cheong omg can you pack one for me from HK and give it to me now

Shall update this place again tomorrow! Long weekend ahead because of the Hari Raya & National Day holidays. So glad and thankful for the short break ahead before school starts again :’)

Back from my holiday in Hong Kong!

3 days and 2 nights in the Land of JB


This was the first time I went overseas with a group of people I didn’t know beforehand, and it turned out pretty enjoyable and fun actually. It was a sponsored trip that I went on with the writers from TSL! Really thankful that I was given this opportunity, especially because it was mostly free and also because I don’t remember myself ever going to JB before, which is damn weird ‘cos it’s just next door. Hence, I decided to take 3 days leave off of work to go on this mini-holiday. I know, my internship sounds almost non-existent to my friends who think I’m forever going on holiday. Not true kayyyyyy.

Actually did up my own entry but I learnt that there’re some issues, so do check out some of our posts on TSL instead :D

3 Days & 2 Nights in the Land of Johor Bahruhere!

Legoland Feature – here!

Legoland Feature (Video for peeks into the place)here!

Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel –  here!

Cafe BLD Buffet, Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel – here!

This was honestly a super laidback trip and I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much time being stagnant on an overseas trip. You’d think that it’d be a waste of time to not be doing anything on a trip, but I wasn’t complaining. Pretty much some much needed rest time away from the hustle in Singapore too!

3 days and 2 nights in the Land of JB

Awfully Exhausted


I am so tired right now & all I want to do is curl up in bed, with my bolster hugged tight and fall asleep while nuzzling into the pillow. Been having headaches these 2 days (god knows when was the last time I had one), and it doesn’t help that all I’m thinking about is how I could be spending my time doing a jog instead of being stuck at the office. My university best friends are also having their commencement right now, ending in a couple of minutes at 5pm, but I can’t be there because work only ends at 5.30. Wasn’t there for Woong’s, and now not for Yiwei & Cherry’s ones either. I am such a fail friend :'(

We didn’t nail the FSP interview too, by the way. Sucks, but oh well. Makes me feel very meh because afterall we did put a slight bit (yes we did) of effort into it, but then again we weren’t exactly extremely keen on the project in the first place. We were just desperate for one so we decided to try it. Both a blessing and curse that we didn’t get it yeah.

Gonna go meet Kelly & Debbie for dinner later at Folks Collective!! Excited excited because it’s been months since we 3 met up. Even longer since all 4 of us met up! I miss my awesome sec 3-4 tablemates. Kelly’s finally back from her honeymoon-like exchange in Milan, and Debbie’s gonna be heading for Sweden next sem. While Linwei who has came back from Glasgow’s currently in India for a program. Believe me when I say that my bunch of friends consist of huge-ass globetrotters. Jealous to the max, babes, jealous ttm. I miss Europe so much!


On a side note, I’ve finally settled my tickets to Hong Kong! Gonna be heading there in about 2 weeks’ time and I can’t believe I’m finally going there after the whole world’s been there and back, some even a couple of times. First time going on an overseas trip with Woongsy! Second time with Selina since we traveled in Europe last Summer, and third time with Hoho after Korea & Chiang Mai! Sel’s braided cornrows really look Rihanna like btw, can’t stop giggling at her over it.

I’m pretty revved up about the trip too because I’m gonna be there 2 days earlier than the 3 of them to look for Joyce! And possibly Minhui too since she’s gonna be there with her hall friends. The holiday sounds like a party already. K, shall tone it down because everything I look forward to manages to screw itself up in the end somehow.

20 more minutes before work ends. I am so homesick. Okay, more like my-own-bed-sick. I am such a homey these days because I love cancelled plans and personal nua time. Yawn.

Awfully Exhausted

An “I miss Bangkok & my Friends” Photo Post

The first overseas trip I had this summer holidays! It’s been almost 1.5 months since the trip and I miss these babes so much. It was such an awesome holiday & I loved every single bit of it. Including the part where we had a ride on a Tuk Tuk meant for 2 persons & I ended up sitting on that dirty metal flooring of the vehicle, if it can even be deemed as one.

Things I miss: 

x Playing bridge through the night & laughing our assess off while doing silly things

x An insane amount of walking in Chatuchak & Platinum Mall & MBK just to shop, drop, and shop again (repeat cycle)

x Having a new name everyday for each of us according to Bangkok’s BTS stations (this was highly amusing)

x Eating Pad Thai more times than what normalcy deems – it didn’t breach onto overkill ground though, pad thai is so damn bloody awesome

x Shopping, shopping and more shopping (I know I mentioned it above already!)

x Climbing the crazy infinite flights of steps to get to the Haew Narok Waterfall, which was much smaller than I expected it to be

x Learning to eat an apple from its top so that it leaves a 0% core

x Singing karaoke without the karaoke system (not joking, really) like a bunch of self-directed acapella lunatics


Good times, friends, good times. Let’s fly back there now.

Warning: Extremely image heavy!

Chatuchak, our 1st stop!
Chatuchak, Coconut Ice Cream w Toppings
Chatuchak, Coconut Ice Cream w Toppings
Chatuchak, Chocobanana
Chatuchak, Pad Thai
Chatuchak, Mango Sticky Rice
Siam Square Area, Mango Tango
Siam Centre
Siam Centre
Ho <3
Cherry <3
Caulipongpong <3 w a photobombing Tientien
Silom Village
Silom Village, My awesome uni BFFzzz <3
Banyan Tree Hotel’s Sky Bar
Banyan Tree Hotel’s Sky Bar
Sky Bar @ Banyan Tree
Sky Bar @ Banyan Tree
Sky Bar @ Banyan Tree
Sky Bar @ Banyan Tree
Near Platinum Mall, A&W
Cliche Mirror Photo @ Platinum
Cliche Mirror Photo @ Platinum
2013-05-13 12.54.32
Yiwei & Cherry <3
Cattle Ride @ Khao Yai National Park Area
Haew Narok Waterfall
En route @ Khao Yai National Park
En route @ Khao Yai National Park
Khao Yai National Park
Khao Yai National Park
Elephant Ride @ Khao Yai National Park
Elephant Ride @ Khao Yai National Park
Elephant Ride @ Khao Yai National Park
Elephant Ride @ Khao Yai National Park
2013-05-15 15.29.20
Platinum Mall, Pad Thai
Green Curry @ Tummy Yummy
Stir Fried Pad Thai-Like Noodle @ Tummy Yummy
Stir Fried Pad Thai-Like Noodle @ Tummy Yummy
Caulipongpong <3
Lovable Retards
After You @ Silom Complex
After You @ Silom Complex
My lovely/retarded/silly travel buddies :) @ Bangkok Intl Airport
An “I miss Bangkok & my Friends” Photo Post

Montpelier Hall


So, I was obviously very excited when I managed to find this place having heard of it from my parents through the years. My parents, although very seldom, would talk about how they stayed in this hostel opposite Harrods while Daddy was furthering his Masters. Mummy would talk about the weekend market sales at Harrods where there’d be fresh fruits and vegetables and roasted chicken going off at awesomely good prices. It was like being sent on a mission to revisit the past for your parents, HAHA. I didn’t step in though, was just loitering around the outside of it, took a snapshot and just left.

I still remember very clearly that when i was taking this photo, i was thinking of how exciting it would be if our family could someday visit this place together! I thought of how happy and warm my parents would feel if they could see this in person again, the place where they kind of had their 1.5 year long honeymoon since they came over just shortly after getting married. Of course, I sent that picture to our family whatsapp chat group for them to see the moment I had wifi access that night. Mummy has insanely good memory man, she even remembers that there’s a small sainsbury just at the corner of the same street! It’s amazing how it’s still there even after 20 years.

Although Harrods merchandise is so extremely cliche, still snagged a couple of the typical ones for my parents cos i know it’d definitely please them. I later found out from Daddy’s colleague during his wake that he had told her about how I got him the Harrods pens and stuff (we always get Parker pens for his birthdays/fathers’ day gifts cos pens obviously has use for him, hahaha). I never knew it meant anything to him when I gave it to him, but you can just imagine how i started tearing when i heard it at the wake. Sigh. So yeah, it’s with him now still, in his pocket.

Sadly, Daddy never got to revisit the place. and nowI can’t imagine bringing Mummy back there again, because she’d probably be so overwhelmed with emotions and might not be able to take it. Memories can break a person so bad sometimes.

Montpelier Hall