Amsterdam Feels

It’s been almost 4 years (oh my god did time just fly past like that?) since that summer in Europe, and I still honestly think it was one of the most fabulous periods in my life. Amsterdam was exciting, overwhelming, stimulating, and beautiful all at once.

SAM_1811(P.S: Wei Ling in 2011)

SAM_1842Amsterdam Centraal (no it’s not a typo) – I have no idea why, but the sight of this train station really wow-ed me at that time, or maybe I was too overly excited hahaha

SAM_1897Very beautiful architecture


SAM_2040First hand Heineken experience guys

SAM_2028Cheers to foamy beer – my absolute love


Oh dear Europe when will I get to go back to you next? Well I could do it next year, but there’s still Australia that I’ve yearned to go for the longest time, and many many many other places as well. Someone donate money $ to my travel fund please!

Amsterdam Feels