The Weekend

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this space with ordinary, everyday happenings, and I’ve been thinking that maybe I should! Been reading my old blogs which were very often updated in the past, and I like how it helps me recall things that happened long long ago simply because they were documented down nicely.

Anyway, it’s the National Day Jubilee Weekend and I’m absolutely loving it! It’s my first official long weekend of the year because my off days are Friday and Saturday, and the PHs thus far always fall on Friday. Which means I’ve to return to work on Sunday anyway. And a break means time to spend with my loved ones!

So yesterday, H brought me to Jurong East Swimming Complex which is super ultra mega beta (Apologize for the lack of rhyming word) far away from me.!!! It basically has all the facilities that Wild Wild Wet has, and we went in for free because of the SG50 celebrations. Still, it usually costs you $1.50 for entrance and that’s cheaaap.

I was pretty hesitant at first because he’s like the super garang kind and while I’m usually the less timid amongst my friends, I become quite scaredycat when I’m with him. It’s an older sister thing. You become braver when you have to step up and act the part, but when there’s someone much much braver you just derp. Thanks for taking care of me!! The lazy river and wave pool was quite fun, but the slide (which I only got to try one cos the other 2 were closing already) was the highlight. I screamed like a banshee and according to him, I screamed, then stopped for a while, and screamed again. Internally, it went a bit like this in my head: OMG THIS IS HELL FAST OMG – Omg I’m screaming damn loudly everyone can hear me crap (stops screaming) – OMG IT’S SUPER FAST HELP (starts screaming again). It was hell embarrassing. I need more practice man, I hope we go back there again!



Some happy pictures of us – whether it’s simply just walking in the park or having a whale of a time at Universal Studios Japan. Thank you for everything :) <3

Today, we gathered at my grandfather’s house in the evening. He sat me down and talked alot of stuff (like usual), and we had some yummy claypot rice that he cooked. It’s been a while and I miss those days where I used to hang around my grandparents’ house so often, and even refused to go home and would whine to stay overnight there during the weekends and especially during the holidays.

The Weekend


2013-10-15 12.03.06-1

Skinny Matcha Latte from D’good Cafe, with a happy bear swimming in the middle! ^^ Set me off for a good afternoon of getting some nasty school work done that day

2013-10-15 17.28.17

Last week’s public holiday :)

2013-10-17 19.50.48

Dinner together last thursday :)

2013-10-17 19.50.38Getting changed for Zumba! Was already feeling high, hence the funky FBTs hahaha. Class was super enjoyable, can’t wait for the next lesson already. I felt so happy jumping around during the lesson cos the instructor was so energetic and highly amusing hahahahaha

2013-10-17 19.51.04

Still looking prim and proper before getting messy and sweaty hahaha

2013-10-18 19.33.42

Timbre! Was really looking forward to The Goodfellas playing cos they’d usually be Arts House on Friday, but it wasn’t them that night! Was pretty disappointed but the music and company was really good anyway :)

I was really craving to hear a live acoustic of Wherever You Will Go so I went home and replayed it like a million times that night

2013-10-18 19.36.15-1

Duck Pizza & Buffalo Wings (not worth the calories)

2013-10-18 23.19.45

We saw each other like twice in a row that week? Hahahaha had an awesome night “thinking about life” and talking about messed up people and stuff <3

2013-10-18 22.43.39

JYJ HAHAHA <3 How I miss my teenage days obsessing over DB5K and their god-like voices/talent/personalities/performances.

And see my chopped fringe? I re-dyed my hair and got a hair cut that day after my lessons ended! Was going to get some work done but my hair was annoying the hell out of me so I decided to get something done. Decided to try out Organic Hair Professional at Orchard Central since I had a voucher for it, and it was genuinely one of the best experiences I’ve ever had! It was like really, really good. Apart from the awesome fact that it’s organic dye, it wasn’t crazily expensive too! My fringe is always chopped off by hairdressers more than necessary even though I always tell them that my hair will inflate and “pong” so it appears much shorter later. Nobody believes me all the time.

2013-10-26 10.38.06

Place is so pretty right?

2013-10-26 10.37.45

Brought my younger sister out last Saturday! Her post-exams outing :) Hahahaha we had lunch around 3pm so she was really starving by then! We wanted to go Strictly Pancakes because she’s been wanting to try it out for quite a while, but the queue was still so super long! So we went to Hungry Chimps instead. Looks like a super unhealthy meal right but the pancakes and gelato were pretty good! Eggs Benedict was totally bland and non-runny though.

2013-10-26 10.37.55

She wanted a picture with the chimp behind hahahaha

2013-10-26 10.38.02

Can’t stop laughing at this picture because her head looks so small compared to mine! Like a little beansprout hahahahahaha

Anyway, wanted to bring her to Play Nation after that but the Wii console was malfunctioning and totally ruined our time :( The staff even wanted to make me pay for the 30mins we spent getting frustrated at the stupid thing. Super ridiculous man, thankfully another more sane lady told us we don’t have to pay! We went to Sentosa after that to check out USS for a while and roamed a bit instead hahaha. The Halloween getup and all was pretty cool looking. We decided though that we probably wouldn’t survive the place ourselves if we went in hahaha.

It was such a tiring and energy sapping day because we walked so much but oh well, good day spent with the younger sis :) So proud of her for doing well in her in spite of all the changes in our family situation the past year. I know I don’t talk about my younger bro and mum as much but that’s cos my sis hangs around me more most of the time hahahahaha. My bro’s immense patience (and retardedness, definitely) amazes me all the time, honestly. If you stalk me and do ever manage to see this HELLO BROTHER HAHAHA. Having my family around’s really one of the biggest blessings in my life.

Listening to some mood lifting covers on Youtube right now, shall get more of my work done today! LET’S DO THIS


Bits x Pieces

Just bits and pieces of my life these days for the past few weeks

(with many low-res photos from the incompetent iPhone camera)


Random rambles ahead hahahaha

2013-08-24 18.43.18Universal Studios outing with the younger sister after her common tests about 3 weeks ago :) Our 2nd time in 2 months, since we got the student season pass that lasts till end Nov. Super worth it! I laughed so hard at her while we were taking the Fairy Enchanted ride. We took it like 3-4 times since the queue moves really fast anyway. She was hollering in this manly voice because screaming high pitched became too painful. I was laughing so hysterically I thought my glasses were gonna fly off or something hahahaha why is she so cute!

I conquered my fear of rollercoasters when I took the scarier rides at Ocean Park in HK. So we tried to help her conquer her fear this time round, and we did! We sat the Mummy ride twice, and realized it’s actually no kick at all hahaha. Too bad the Battlestar Galactica rides were closed and we didn’t get to try them! Although it’d probably still be too high level for her hahahaha

2013-08-24 18.43.09

Do we look alike? :D She’s 8 years younger but I still look very young too right right right? Hahahaha my whole family looks alike actually

2013-08-24 18.43.57

2013-08-29 18.30.46

Caulipongpong & I met up 3 Fridays ago after my lessons for one of our chit-chat sessions filled with so much (self-proclaimed) wisdom and depth hahahahaha. We ended up talking non-stop for almost 3 hours about loads of enlightening stuff HAHA. And reminisced about those days/nights in year 1 and 2 where we stayed back in sch to mug, and sometimes ended up just drifting into conversation and hence abandoning our work aside. Or how we were having a study session on the first day of recess week 3 sems ago, realized how sad that was, and threw our studies aside to go sing karaoke instead. HAHAHA. Hope work is going well for you babe :)

2013-08-29 18.28.02

2013-09-02 20.34.03

2013-09-02 20.35.03

Dinner together the night before Selina goes back to UK! Friends since the silly teen days hahahaha the ultimate BFFz :) Can’t wait for Sel to be back again, so glad the 4 of us had a trip to HK while she was back this time! Andddd since Sel has a couch in her room now I honestly wish I could go over to London sometime soon to crash her place hahahahaha

2013-09-05 15.07.58

Tea time at Paris Baguette! It really was my first time trying out the pastries from this place even though the whole world has already been there a million times or something. Don’t remember getting anything the 1st time I was there! And I like that about half their waitresses/waiters are Korean hahahahaha

AND GUESS WHAT I GOT. A slice of Earl Grey Cake and a Tiramisu! I know it’s calorie bomb but this was my very late lunch, and I was feeling very meh that day. Although I have a phobia of celebrating my birthday now and hate it but omg can you imagine having Earl Grey Cake for your birthday??? Best thing ever. This was so awesome and moist and super good! I really love Earl Grey Tea and maybe I’m overdoing this, but this was really like one of the best cakes I’ve ever had despite all that buttercream (some of which I scooped out) so I was like really happy. Going into blabber mode. The Tiramisu wasn’t that awesome though, it was dry and flaky in my opinion!

2013-09-05 19.02.31

Date with my gf Tiffy that day :) Caught up so much and it feels like it’s been quite a while since it was just 2 of us just chatting our lives away, about nothing and everything in particular. We did meet a few times the past few weeks but didn’t really get to talk properly cos it was like gathering/karaoke and stuff. Still can’t stop laughing at how she burst her Egg Benedict while she was having her dinner at Pique Nique HAHAHA. You’re a strong strong girl babe, we love you more than you know :’)

2013-09-07 21.27.02

Squid Ink Pizza at Skinny Pizza! I’ve honestly never ordered nor tried a squid ink dish, like pasta or pizza even though loads of people have been talking about it. This was really good, better than their Ginger Butter Chicken one in my opinion. And Sheryl thought the seafood was really fresh! Which is a good thing because the less fresh seafood is usually used for pizzas, fried stuff and the like.

2013-09-07 23.34.50

The only proper photo I managed to get with Sheryl that Saturday night! We walked sooooo much that night hahahaha from Raffles City to Boat Quay then to find Cam at Home Club and then Clarke Quay and finally Robertson Quay wooo hahahaha. As it always is with Lyx (her cool nickname), we had a million and one things to talk about, even while sitting outside Arts House Timbre and leeching on their live music HAHA. We had planned to go there with Minhui initially, but then Min fell sick so 2 of us ended up at Skinny Pizza instead!

Because we were so damn spontaneous, we dcided to go for an ‘Electronic Party’ (AHAHA to put it nicely) where we met like the strangest people ever who made our night by being so freaking amusing. Super well spent Saturday because I had a productive group meeting before that with Brenda and Cynthia, and then a good good catch up with Lyx!

Thankful for the people in my life :)

Bits x Pieces


3. Be paranoid that everyone is up in their business. I don’t know why this is but moms always seem to be nervous that people are snooping into their affairs. “My neighbor, Barb, is so nosy! She needs to stay out of my life and respect my privacy!” It’s like, no offense, but who is so interested in the life of suburban moms? Who’s actually peering through their blinds into your mom’s house acting like a Nancy Drew detective? My mom spends her days brushing my dog’s hair and Googling pictures of salmon and timeshares in Mexico but somehow she believes that all eyes are on her!

7. Send you a text that says “CALL NOW” when you haven’t been picking up their phone calls. You of course dial them immediately thinking that someone must’ve died but it turns out they just wanted to chat with you. “Is everything okay, mom?” you blurt out when they pick up the phone. “Sure it is, sweetie,” they respond, confused by the sound of panic in your voice. “How are you? Why haven’t you been returning my calls?” Oops, you’ve been tricked, Mom-style. They got you again!

7 Things Moms Like to Do via Thought Catalog

Hahaha, totally. Mum always does that on our family whatsapp group.

“Ling, taken lunch? Call me when you can.”

“On your way back home? Where r you now?”

On my 2nd day in Hong Kong, my aunt and uncle (who live there) found out about our stupidly booked accommodation at Chung King Mansions. And the typhoon warning was increased to level 3, so my mum got worried wondering if I was affected by the typhoon in the area I was at. I had gotten a local mobile number which allowed me to have access to 3G, but since my iphone’s battery was running low and I still needed 3G in case I got lost on my way back myself, I switched off my 3G and everything else. Cue red flashlights and mega chaos – I was greeted with millions of incessant whatsapp messages and like 10 over missed calls from my uncle/auntie/cousin/mum.  Hahaha not complaining though, I’m thankful I have such a concerned family :’)



I haz Macarons (& a happy salad)

After an event-filled Saturday filled with loads of activity, I managed to pull myself off of bed at 8am on a Sunday morning last week. Did some housekeeping at home before I left for my Macaron Making Class! I bought a deal voucher previously and this cost me $55 instead of the actual price of $110. I’ve always liked baking but rarely get a chance to because we have yet to get ourselves an oven at home, and I refuse to make do with the microwave one (yes there are some recipes which can be done with the microwave). I really dislike the microwave because it spoils your food, its DNA and all so yup, we don’t use the microwave at home. Should really get rid of it soon and make way for an oven so that my siblings and I can start entertaining our wild baking dreams of sunshine and goodness.

So yes, I was really excited to go for the class! It was all the way at e2i at Redhill though, and it was a workshop conducted by ICAS Training & Education College. I was uhm like, almost 25 minutes late for class, but the instructor was so nice! Joined a pair of mum-daughter to do the baking and they were really kind & friendly too. (:



Our baked macaron shells! I realized the recipe for macarons isn’t actually that complex, but apparently the beating and mixing part is really important so that your shells come out smooth and are not easily cracked. We had to beat and beat the mix until it was a stiff peak when we inverted the whisk! That’s the most crucial part according to our instructor.


We had so much fun piping the chocolate ganache in between our ‘married’ macarons. It was fun trying to pick out similarly sized macaron shells to put together. Also, you’d notice that our macarons were really mini-sized…they were so cute, and some people from our class said they looked like the Yupi burger candies :D



This was a fun experience and it made me want to bake so much after this. Which resulting in me googling tonnes of no-bake recipes for the rest of the day, and filtering out those that required an electric mixer. Sigh, severely under-equipped for home baking. Wanted to make some oreo cheesecake cupcakes with my sister that Sunday afternoon but Mummy told us not to mess up her kitchen. Oh well, better luck next time when she’s in a possibly better mood!

And last night, because my mum went for some Japanese dinner with my aunties, my sister & I had a simple dinner ourselves! We had wanted to go for a run all the way until the fishing area in Punggol with some eateries for dinner, but I ended work kind of late in the end so we didn’t. I did quite abit of grocery shopping before going home and bought sushi for us. I love love love grocery shopping so much because it’s so amazing looking at all the choices out there and then taking your time to look through the nutritional information before picking out the best one. Time really is a luxury man, wished I had more time to slowly peruse through everything but I was rushing home.


The sister has totally been into packing cereal in a lunchbox for her recess these days so I was thinking of what we could do to pack a simple something for her. Ended up with a simple fruit pasta salad, and packed a small packet of Italian dressing for her too. It looks so happy & cheery, and I would totally pack some for myself to bring for lunch to work…except today’s my last day of work!!! -inserts overly happy face and sounds of party poppers and celebratory music. I didn’t stop my internship in mid July but finished the whole thing, yay. We couldn’t finish our sushi even though there wasn’t alot in the first place, so she packed a few pieces too ^^

It’s friday today woohoo :D

I haz Macarons (& a happy salad)

What are you supposed to feel when someone dear to you is going to die? (Part 1)


Would you prolong a life of suffering?

What if you were making a decision for your family member. What would you do, and what do you think he or she herself wishes to do? What if things are so painful for them, and that they’re only holding on because they don’t want to abandon you or your family? Is he tired, does he want to let go and leave peacefully? What if they feel bad about the prospect of leaving, that they’re leaving you behind? What are you supposed to think when they’re even unable to translate any of what they feel during the last period of their lives?

For my family, we’d wanted everything that could be done to keep Daddy alive to actually be done. Just keep him for a day longer, god. It’s not his time to leave yet, please don’t take him away. Exhaust all treatment options, alright? Daddy wants to live too. I saw that determination is his eyes that very last day I could hear a proper coherent sentence being formed by him. I know he’s in pain, but he’s putting up such a strong fight, just for us.

I can act like life is completely normal now, but the period of hell we went through during the darkest period of my life just 7 months ago is something that I will never ever forget. How scary things were, how the feeling of fear came and left and haunted us like a cloak of despair that would never evaporate. Spending the nights outside the terrifying ICU for more than 2 weeks almost killed my soul. It’s hard to describe it all, but I think I’m finally ready to document this out especially after everything hit me like a truck all over again while reading an article.

It also scares me that I’m beginning to lose memory of certain events that transpired during the last days of Daddy’s life (like what he said, or did), so writing it out is a definite must now.

You wouldn’t understand how it feels like to have your Dad drive into the hospital one morning for his scheduled checkup, get admitted for observation, and then all within a month and a few days later realize that he’d never come out of that place alive.

Whenever someone close to you passes on after struggling with their illness, the first thing you’d tell yourself (or what most people would tell you to comfort you) is that they’re now free from suffering. Free from the torture of pain, from all aches and discolored veins impaled from the infinite number of tubes.

The Morning He Left

I’d tell you now that seeing someone die is a distressing conflict of feelings – it is so very painful to know that you’d never hear their voice again, but at the same time almost cathartic and relieving to know that this is over. Did I want Daddy to go? Did I want him to die? We were by his deathbed for almost 4 hours and a half before he left. The last 2 hours of it all, we just kept telling him to leave peacefully with the knowledge that he had led a glorious life while alive. We were literally telling him to die, to put it simplistically. It felt so fucking ridiculous to me at that time and when he finally left, I was incapable of feeling.

Mummy, the brother and sister cried so badly and her “I am only 14 years old but I have no father” was the only thing that tore me at the seams. It was the first time I’d ever seen my grown up brother cry that badly. I didn’t cry, I couldn’t even make myself cry even though I wanted to. There was just this irritable, dull sense of existence but that was it. Was I unfeeling? Were my relatives thinking that I don’t love Daddy enough? We went home to grab some of Daddy’s favourite clothes, his favourite pen, some of his favourite casettes from decades ago, some Father’s Day & birthday cards we’d done for him through our adolescent years – all to put into the coffin within, and I never cried through it all. The only time it really sunk into me like a tonne of bricks was more than hours later.

Let’s just say that I have yet to resolve my feelings from that day. Everything had been too much for me and I hated the limits of the healthcare system then. How they’d taken so slow to get the medical diagnosis right, that of which eventually prolonged treatment. When it comes to such a type of illness, timing is of incredible importance because each second that goes by is a second lost to the extremely crippling monster. And how absolutely ridiculous certain analogies the doctor used were when trying to describe his condition. It’s like sending the best soldier to war, but without any ammo. Dude, I get it. Didn’t help too that I didn’t like him at all. It would’ve helped if he could have explained to us better, on how we should be more mentally prepared. That treatment options were really exhausted. The last few days were a drawl because we were told there was a 0.01% chance of survival, and we all know how the figure 0.01% knocks all air out of one’s pathetic lungs when you hear that.

I think I’m completely missing the point I’d intended to put across when starting this post, so since I’m getting so carried away with all this let’s just fuck that. 

The Last Day before he was admitted into Intensive Care

That was the very same day he was given his diagnosis a few hours earlier on. I have never seen my Dad as weak as he had been in the 21 years of my life then and it shook me. We were told that there was a discovery after an agonizing 2.5 weeks, and my dad turned to me and said, “It must be serious. That’s why they want us to go to the room outside to listen.” He looked pensive and I told him that that was just “routine”, that they just wanted us to listen properly so we can understand it fully. It was a 4 person ward at that time because Daddy got sick of staying in a one person room – staying in bed all day and being unable to get out of the room can really exhaust you mentally. Company from others helped make him feel less alone.

Just me, my dad and uncle were there to listen while the 2 doctors had come around to explain. We were broken the news, and I had to be the one conveying it to my mum and brother over the phone. Things were explained to be serious and Daddy was recommended to begin chemo the next day. The doctor said that if chemo didn’t start he might not walk out of the hospital alive. Serious being serious, I was still hopeful, calm and settled then even after clarifying with the doctor on the unpromising prognosis (I didn’t let Daddy know this). Daddy, even up to that point, was still mincing everything to my mum although I felt that she had to know everything prim and proper by then. I stuck to his wishes though and played things down while explaining to her. I was determined to patiently get through this with Daddy, and had repeatedly told him then that he should give the burden of listening and worrying to us, and that he should just focus on recovering. I just kept telling him the doctor said there was a chance of recovery and that he would be fine. He is always so concerned about burdening us, not wanting us to worry about anything.

That night, however, Daddy’s condition took a sudden turn for the worse on that very night and they had to give him a much higher amount of oxygen to keep him breathing. His condition was stabilized and everyone else had left while I insisted on staying through the night. I was secretly scared by then and held his hand while he rested, not wanting to let go. He told me through the oxygen mask, half-smiling (I know he was, even though he must have been so scared himself) that he was fine and that I should rest, but I said it was alright and that I’d just hold his hand while resting. I told him that it’s just us 2, the sheep (our zodiacs) that were left there tonight and that’s why I had to hold his hand. He was thirsty and hungry, but was ordered not to drink anymore water from then. He asked for water and I gave him abit before denying him of anymore while he was still intensely slurping. If I’d known then that that was gonna be the last time he could drink properly (even from a straw) I would have given him more. I totally would have yknow, Daddy. I am so sorry I didn’t.

A very nice female staff came around and did some checks on him before telling us that he will be transferred to the ICA (Intermediate Care Area) which is one level above normal wards & one below the ICU. And then I was left scrambling to pack everything he had in the cupboards while they transferred my dad’s bed to another block. This was 11.30pm, and I was left behind struggling to push the scaringly noisy tray they had given me from one block to another all by myself. I was scared, panicky and the extremely deserted looking hospital grounds at that time did not help to calm me one bit. Not a situation I’d ever wish my worst enemy to be in. I just kept myself numb and went head into everything trying not to think.

And when I was finally reunited with Daddy at the ward, I couldn’t hear anything he was trying to say by then because of the oxygen mask that was forcefully and tightly strapped onto his face. I felt so bad, you know? I couldn’t get it, I really couldn’t. I just kept telling him that he can tell me when he has recovered, and that I will be there outside, in the waiting area through the night, and that he shouldn’t worry or feel alone. Visitors are not allowed to hang around the ICA area so I couldn’t stay by his side, although I desperately wish I could. His eyes kept enlarging while he tried to put his message across before giving up. I told him to stay with me because he promised to bring me to Scotland to see sheep someday and that he had to keep it. He nodded his head and I was desperate. Luckily, my aunt and uncle came around later around 2am and told my cousin to stay with me in the resting area outside. I am so incredibly thankful because I didn’t want to worry my mum and sister, while the brother was still stuck in army.

The next morning, we had waited painfully for the doctors to do their rounds before informing us of the situation. Mummy had cooked porridge for Daddy (like she religiously did every day before that, as well as his other favourite soups) except that he was completely unable to ingest it by then. I was once again the person speaking to the doctor, who told me that my dad’s condition wasn’t too good and that he had to be transferred to the ICU. “What do you mean? Does it mean he’s in critical condition?” I asked. “Actually, I would say that his life is in extreme danger.” Okay, I replied, Okay. He asked me if I had anymore questions and I told him no. I didn’t feel scared then, just that same old determination that we were going to get through this.

It was only when everyone else arrived, when my brother came and my uncles aunties cousins came, that I decided I was no longer able to carry on being the one listening to the doctor. It was too much, just too much. I prayed, prayed so immensely hard that entire day. I held the book the entire day and just kept praying. I am eternally grateful and thankful to all my relatives, because I’d never knew then how support from your family is so incredibly important and helpful when you’re seemingly at the crappiest dungeons ever of your life. My brother was so helpful when he arrived and took over as the one listening to the doctors with my uncle, even though he’s younger than me. Each act of support from the extended family will forever be cherished close to my heart.

The Days In Between

Truthfully speaking, it hadn’t really occurred to me then that Daddy might really leave us in the end. Even though the doctor said he was in extremely critical condition, there was still a tiny hope in me that believed things would be alright in the end. The ICU is a nasty place, and spending multiple nights outside at the waiting area was a nightmare.

I would go on about this, but I’m feeling really exhausted right now. An abrupt end, but I’ll continue this either tonight or tomorrow…

What are you supposed to feel when someone dear to you is going to die? (Part 1)

Montpelier Hall


So, I was obviously very excited when I managed to find this place having heard of it from my parents through the years. My parents, although very seldom, would talk about how they stayed in this hostel opposite Harrods while Daddy was furthering his Masters. Mummy would talk about the weekend market sales at Harrods where there’d be fresh fruits and vegetables and roasted chicken going off at awesomely good prices. It was like being sent on a mission to revisit the past for your parents, HAHA. I didn’t step in though, was just loitering around the outside of it, took a snapshot and just left.

I still remember very clearly that when i was taking this photo, i was thinking of how exciting it would be if our family could someday visit this place together! I thought of how happy and warm my parents would feel if they could see this in person again, the place where they kind of had their 1.5 year long honeymoon since they came over just shortly after getting married. Of course, I sent that picture to our family whatsapp chat group for them to see the moment I had wifi access that night. Mummy has insanely good memory man, she even remembers that there’s a small sainsbury just at the corner of the same street! It’s amazing how it’s still there even after 20 years.

Although Harrods merchandise is so extremely cliche, still snagged a couple of the typical ones for my parents cos i know it’d definitely please them. I later found out from Daddy’s colleague during his wake that he had told her about how I got him the Harrods pens and stuff (we always get Parker pens for his birthdays/fathers’ day gifts cos pens obviously has use for him, hahaha). I never knew it meant anything to him when I gave it to him, but you can just imagine how i started tearing when i heard it at the wake. Sigh. So yeah, it’s with him now still, in his pocket.

Sadly, Daddy never got to revisit the place. and nowI can’t imagine bringing Mummy back there again, because she’d probably be so overwhelmed with emotions and might not be able to take it. Memories can break a person so bad sometimes.

Montpelier Hall