Tough times don’t last, tough people do?

This has been a challenging week for me.

Teaching and interacting with the students this week has been the only saving grace. Receiving Teacher’s Day presents is only the tip of the iceberg – the messages they’ve written for me really warms my heart and makes me light up so much. Other than that, it makes me extremely heartened to know they’ve also improved, whether in terms of their composition, comprehension, or even cloze passages and grammar – I notice every small bit of improvement and when I see it reflected in their results, it makes me more confident that I have not made the wrong decision to choose teaching, because seeing these kids grow and learn is really the greatest reward of the job. It’s possible to impart so much to them other than just academic knowledge – whether it’s in terms of values, life lessons, teaching them to interact and accept each other, or make them excitable about the ever changing world out there, At the same time, there’s so much I learn from them (and their parents) as well, because it’s through the children than you can tell so much about the parenting they have received and it’s ever so enlightening.

At the same time, though, it’s also very frustrating how we have to travel across so many facilities in a week (and sometimes even 2-3 places in a day). And the marking……An insurmountable mountain that never paves off.

I’ve also been rather heavy hearted and dispirited this week too. Sometimes, I feel so alone. While I’m perfectly comfortable in my own skin, and would go out alone to chill, get work done, shopping, exercising – basically everything, I still feel so alone sometimes. It almost makes me feel like I’m perpetually joyless and only have bad thoughts inside my head that I don’t know how to convey to anyone else about. I feel lost and confused, and I miss my dad.

When I went for the Election Rally, it just hit me so hard how I could have probably gone with my Dad if he was still around, and not alone like I was that day. It would have been nice if I could have shared that with him. And that bastardly ringing sound that I hear in the double decked buses only remind me of the cruel, whirring sound that drained the life out of us all during the weeks in that hospital room. If he was around, maybe a lot of things would be very different. And the path I would have charted for myself would have been different just because he was around. And maybe I would still be eating apples, because I no longer eat them anymore although they used to be my most favourite, irreplaceable fruit.

I am so jaded. What’s the difference between being in one, if I still feel alone?

Tough times don’t last, tough people do?

The Weekend

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this space with ordinary, everyday happenings, and I’ve been thinking that maybe I should! Been reading my old blogs which were very often updated in the past, and I like how it helps me recall things that happened long long ago simply because they were documented down nicely.

Anyway, it’s the National Day Jubilee Weekend and I’m absolutely loving it! It’s my first official long weekend of the year because my off days are Friday and Saturday, and the PHs thus far always fall on Friday. Which means I’ve to return to work on Sunday anyway. And a break means time to spend with my loved ones!

So yesterday, H brought me to Jurong East Swimming Complex which is super ultra mega beta (Apologize for the lack of rhyming word) far away from me.!!! It basically has all the facilities that Wild Wild Wet has, and we went in for free because of the SG50 celebrations. Still, it usually costs you $1.50 for entrance and that’s cheaaap.

I was pretty hesitant at first because he’s like the super garang kind and while I’m usually the less timid amongst my friends, I become quite scaredycat when I’m with him. It’s an older sister thing. You become braver when you have to step up and act the part, but when there’s someone much much braver you just derp. Thanks for taking care of me!! The lazy river and wave pool was quite fun, but the slide (which I only got to try one cos the other 2 were closing already) was the highlight. I screamed like a banshee and according to him, I screamed, then stopped for a while, and screamed again. Internally, it went a bit like this in my head: OMG THIS IS HELL FAST OMG – Omg I’m screaming damn loudly everyone can hear me crap (stops screaming) – OMG IT’S SUPER FAST HELP (starts screaming again). It was hell embarrassing. I need more practice man, I hope we go back there again!



Some happy pictures of us – whether it’s simply just walking in the park or having a whale of a time at Universal Studios Japan. Thank you for everything :) <3

Today, we gathered at my grandfather’s house in the evening. He sat me down and talked alot of stuff (like usual), and we had some yummy claypot rice that he cooked. It’s been a while and I miss those days where I used to hang around my grandparents’ house so often, and even refused to go home and would whine to stay overnight there during the weekends and especially during the holidays.

The Weekend

Bite-sized Memories

2014-02-12 18.11.49

2nd last meetup together before Cass flew off

2014-02-12 18.12.14

2014-02-15 03.03.44

I’ll miss you Cass :’)

2014-02-15 03.03.58

2014-02-15 20.36.49

2014-02-21 13.18.22

2014-02-15 19.36.42:)

2014-02-18 14.53.32

We nailed the presentation!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Temporium with one of my fav pals :)

2014-02-27 11.50.14

2014-02-27 13.43.46

I made a blueberry crumble!

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Yy’s birthday during our fyp meeting :)

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Shiok Maki is called Shiok Maki for a reason

2014-03-02 18.34.32-2

10km run to the Punggol landscapes!

Struggling to stay alive in the midst of the horribly busy semester /peace

Bite-sized Memories


How I spent my last weekend of the extremely short-lived school holidays

This is super belated since the 2nd week of the semester has already just passed, but I had so much fun those 2 days that it’s totally worth mentioning even up till now

2014-01-10 13.07.57

Had lunch with Ho at Santouka Ramen first before we headed off to get some ice cream and snacks at Meidi-Ya at Liang Court! The ramen broth was so rich and flavorful and the ramen whore in me was totally appeased and satisfied :’) Salmon roe was so super good too!

Lady luck was shining on us that day because I met a friendly “neighbour” who happens to live in the same estate as me, who also happened to work there. I was totally stunned when he said “People who live in ___ condo will get a 1-for-1 promotion” and like my mind blanked for a moment there and then before I managed an “Omg, how do you know I stay there?” He was so so kind and we were so thankful because the meal would’ve cost us at least $30 otherwise! Totally started the day on a good note for us :)


I didn’t take a photo of the room so I ripped this off google images. Yes, this is how gorgeous the room is. I was so so happy!! :D I want a house/room like this in future too pretty please

4-up on 10-1-14 at 6.01 PM (compiled)

I don’t have any solo shots with Ho! Anyway, before the others came, both of us were just lazing around on the bed while watching World War Z on my laptop. Hahahaha it was so epic because we would scream at those terrifying moments and then burst into laughters of finger pointing at each other’s dumbess. Love you Ho :)

4-up on 10-1-14 at 6.03 PM (compiled)

Pamela the New Age Girl Yo hahahaha

4-up on 10-1-14 at 6.04 PM (compiled)

2014-01-10 18.42.47

We haz dinner together at The Book Cafe since there’s 20% off for Studio M residents! I had their yogurt/muesli again cos I am a boring person. Everytime I see such milk I’ll wonder if it’s full-creamed milk or skimmed milk and have a mental war about whether if I should add it in.

Pam & I walked to Clarke Quay after that & had $5 draft beers while chatting the night away hahahaha. Y’know, it’s really amazing how the people I can immediately hit it off with and have a million things to talk about even after having just met are all Leo-s. This Leo-Sagittarius thing is uncanny man.

4-up on 10-1-14 at 10.47 PM (compiled)

And then we had some pre-drinks back at the hotel before crubbing hahahaha. Charmaine came over and like we all had a good time in spite of how we were the most random bunch mixed together :D Rest of the night wasn’t an exceptionally good night since there has been better, but happy to have spent some girlfriend together anyway :) Rotted at Raffles City Starbucks/Macs after that while lamenting about life, before we came back to Tiffy who was already in the room! Crashed into a pile of bodies once we all settled in at about 5am. It was amazing how all of us still had so much energy to talk at such unearthly hours.

4-up on 10-1-14 at 10.48 PM (compiled) 4-up on 10-1-14 at 10.49 PM #5 (compiled)

2014-01-11 15.09.59

Picture with Tiffy while we were out on Saturday :)

2014-01-12 02.55.41

Guess who? #animalsighting2014 hahahaha Hoho in her froggie one piece ;D

2014-01-12 02.55.12

4-up on 12-1-14 at 12.39 AM #5 (compiled)

4-up on 12-1-14 at 12.40 AM (compiled)

Hi these are my secondary school bffz :’) Lazed around snacking chatting and laughing through the night until we got tired. This is how life should be spent.

4-up on 12-1-14 at 12.39 AM #13 (compiled) Photo on 12-1-14 at 12.40 AM

Felt like a blessed little girl after those 2 days :)



Random is my middle Name

2013-11-02 18.29.28

2013-11-11 19.49.24

The last time I ran was about 1.5 weeks ago, which means I’m full of self-hate and self-loathe and self-disgust right now after all that sedentary moping. Had a sore throat, fell sick and lost my voice over the past week :( I tried to walk alot more instead and I hope that makes up for it partially? I really love walking, I walked from Kovan to Hougang MRT on Monday, and then from Clarke Quay to Chinatown to Raffles Place to Tanjong Pagar, and then around Lavender on Wednesday after my 1/2 day of work. Walking is so therapeutic sometimes anyway. But oh well, I’ve been eating so badly these days, sigh :(

2013-11-09 15.30.30

Skinny mocha with less chocolate really tastes just like a skinny latte. Anyway, the other day the Starbucks barista was calling the drinks out for collection and I was so highly embarrassed when she loudly announced for my Iced Grande Green Tea Latte with Non-Fat Milk and 2 pumps syrup? Felt so awkward when everybody else’s drink was just 4-5 words worth.

2013-11-14 15.11.11

This was like, one of the most fun presentations I’ve ever done in school, after MKT3420 Promo. It was for MNO3301 Business with a Social Conscience, and I’m so thankful our epic group chose such an interesting company like VS! Which made for very fun and corny discussions and not to forget, prop preparations. Cue awkward cutting of brightly colored lacey looking stuff right smack in the middle of MRB. Prof loved the cutouts we prepared for the Panty Party game though hahahahaha. And in case you’re wondering, no, we’re not messing around with any sexually promiscuous stuff. We were just measuring the successes and failures of VS’ corporate social responsibility efforts and all, intellectual stuff okay hahahaha

2013-11-14 13.56.37

Props for our XOXO game (it’s a pun, really) with the epic Nicole :D And I only realized much later that we stupidly posed OXOX instead? Like seriously, wtf, we’re damn retarded. I rarely ever take photos with this girl but hi babe if you ever read this know that I love you yeah? I know you know that lah hahahaha cheesy’s not our thing. We’re forever spending this lesson on Reddit and other nonsense – this class is so relaxed all the time I swear.

2013-11-14 15.08.04Yayyyyyy :D

2013-11-02 13.01.51

An awesome x 100000 x infinity lunch Mummy whipped up on one weekend! I am totally in love with broccoli, like I really like it and I can honestly eat it alone for a meal if I have to. If I ever date anyone in future, I would probably consider requesting for broccolis sometime instead of flowers? Hahahaha okay I really am kidding but yes I love broccoli!! Yummy healthy & good for you :D

2013-10-28 13.57.30

Some people just wanna watch the world burn – this is how funny adults can get when you make them play the Confucius game, which is essentially stringing together 2-3 words to form a saying that would sound Confucius-like (in other words, act cheem). This was at one of the events I helped out at for my intern.

2013-10-28 13.57.12

Not gonna look at durians and candles the same way again….

2013-11-03 06.51.16 HDR

This was us, 3 weeks ago, still alive, awake and hyperactive after being awake for possibly more than 24 hours? It was like 7am or something hahahaha. Oh and we survived Halloween Horrors at USS that same night too with Cass & their friend Priscilla! Omg, it was so mega scary at the first scare zone that I wanted to rip my heart out and just get out of that place!! The vampires and draculas and everything else were so damn good at whatever they were doing.

Taking the rides at night with all that adrenaline running at full power was so mega fun!! :D The mummy ride felt scarier than I remembered it to be –  I always felt like it gave no kick in the past, but it actually felt super thrilling that night. We managed to finish all 3 haunted houses by 11.15pm! We honestly screamed so much that night hahahaha caused me a parched throat after that. Not too sure if I would go for subsequent years’ though hahaha it’s actually quite a price to pay just to scare yourselves. Once is enough I guess?


This was like 2 weeks ago? Mega love this photo because my phone in the picture has a picture of us – photoception!! :D Anyway, I evidently haz an insane number of photos with Tiffy hahahahaha when we have a Macbook all hell breaks loose, no kidding

4-up on 14-11-13 at 6.38 PM (compiled)

4-up on 14-11-13 at 6.01 PM (compiled)

4-up on 14-11-13 at 6.22 PM #6 (compiled) 4-up on 14-11-13 at 6.09 PM (compiled)4-up on 14-11-13 at 6.35 PM #9 (compiled)

This mandatory 1-2-3-4 pose looks mega lian-ified, my apologies hahahahaha but eh it’s very fun doing it okay!! #yolo for a lame excuse, if it helps

4-up on 14-11-13 at 6.00 PM (compiled)

2013-11-09 19.30.58

3 weeks ago I finally caught up with Yiwei & Cherry over dinner!! :D We queued up for Ramen at Tampopo and it was so good!! Still incomparable to Ramen Keisuku King’s one though. Anyway, forgot to take a picture with them both! I honestly miss the both of them so much. The 2 OLs are still such silly sweet and happy friends ^^ Which reminds me, I miss Ho too!!! Can’t wait for us to meet next weekend. Life has been so incredibly busy for everyone!

2013-11-09 20.57.15

We had Yami Yogurt and sat there for like an hour just talking about nothing in particular? Bliss.

Okay it’s 1 am right now and I’ve gotta wake up at 7+am tomorrow morning even though it’s a Saturday, so I’m gonna go head to bed! I really missed updating my blog, now that I’m totally in the momentum. Loads to prepare these few days cos we’ve gotta pray and all on Monday. It’s been a year, time flies past so quickly it’s insane. The mother’s highly angsty, emotional and irritable these days and it’s totally understandable. Sigh pie.


Random is my middle Name

Playing Favorites


Need to breathe, need to breathe, need to breathe

Work ends at 1pm today, then gotta rush down to Mediacorp to collect my deposit for the props we rented the other day, chiong to another appointment from 2-6pm, then zoom off to school for project meeting at 6pm! Haven’t prepared my script at all for my individual presentation at 8am tomorrow, I am so dead. Maybe I’ll be able to glide my way through it, you think?

I need to split myself up! So busy and feeling the exhaustion creep up onto me slowly but surely. So much work to do :'(

On a side note, Halloween @ USS turned out to be really enjoyable last Saturday!! Contented with my life these days :) Bloating up cos of the period and I really hope the water retention goes away. Last 2 weeks of the semester, let’s goooooo

Playing Favorites


2013-10-15 12.03.06-1

Skinny Matcha Latte from D’good Cafe, with a happy bear swimming in the middle! ^^ Set me off for a good afternoon of getting some nasty school work done that day

2013-10-15 17.28.17

Last week’s public holiday :)

2013-10-17 19.50.48

Dinner together last thursday :)

2013-10-17 19.50.38Getting changed for Zumba! Was already feeling high, hence the funky FBTs hahaha. Class was super enjoyable, can’t wait for the next lesson already. I felt so happy jumping around during the lesson cos the instructor was so energetic and highly amusing hahahahaha

2013-10-17 19.51.04

Still looking prim and proper before getting messy and sweaty hahaha

2013-10-18 19.33.42

Timbre! Was really looking forward to The Goodfellas playing cos they’d usually be Arts House on Friday, but it wasn’t them that night! Was pretty disappointed but the music and company was really good anyway :)

I was really craving to hear a live acoustic of Wherever You Will Go so I went home and replayed it like a million times that night

2013-10-18 19.36.15-1

Duck Pizza & Buffalo Wings (not worth the calories)

2013-10-18 23.19.45

We saw each other like twice in a row that week? Hahahaha had an awesome night “thinking about life” and talking about messed up people and stuff <3

2013-10-18 22.43.39

JYJ HAHAHA <3 How I miss my teenage days obsessing over DB5K and their god-like voices/talent/personalities/performances.

And see my chopped fringe? I re-dyed my hair and got a hair cut that day after my lessons ended! Was going to get some work done but my hair was annoying the hell out of me so I decided to get something done. Decided to try out Organic Hair Professional at Orchard Central since I had a voucher for it, and it was genuinely one of the best experiences I’ve ever had! It was like really, really good. Apart from the awesome fact that it’s organic dye, it wasn’t crazily expensive too! My fringe is always chopped off by hairdressers more than necessary even though I always tell them that my hair will inflate and “pong” so it appears much shorter later. Nobody believes me all the time.

2013-10-26 10.38.06

Place is so pretty right?

2013-10-26 10.37.45

Brought my younger sister out last Saturday! Her post-exams outing :) Hahahaha we had lunch around 3pm so she was really starving by then! We wanted to go Strictly Pancakes because she’s been wanting to try it out for quite a while, but the queue was still so super long! So we went to Hungry Chimps instead. Looks like a super unhealthy meal right but the pancakes and gelato were pretty good! Eggs Benedict was totally bland and non-runny though.

2013-10-26 10.37.55

She wanted a picture with the chimp behind hahahaha

2013-10-26 10.38.02

Can’t stop laughing at this picture because her head looks so small compared to mine! Like a little beansprout hahahahahaha

Anyway, wanted to bring her to Play Nation after that but the Wii console was malfunctioning and totally ruined our time :( The staff even wanted to make me pay for the 30mins we spent getting frustrated at the stupid thing. Super ridiculous man, thankfully another more sane lady told us we don’t have to pay! We went to Sentosa after that to check out USS for a while and roamed a bit instead hahaha. The Halloween getup and all was pretty cool looking. We decided though that we probably wouldn’t survive the place ourselves if we went in hahaha.

It was such a tiring and energy sapping day because we walked so much but oh well, good day spent with the younger sis :) So proud of her for doing well in her in spite of all the changes in our family situation the past year. I know I don’t talk about my younger bro and mum as much but that’s cos my sis hangs around me more most of the time hahahahaha. My bro’s immense patience (and retardedness, definitely) amazes me all the time, honestly. If you stalk me and do ever manage to see this HELLO BROTHER HAHAHA. Having my family around’s really one of the biggest blessings in my life.

Listening to some mood lifting covers on Youtube right now, shall get more of my work done today! LET’S DO THIS