The Weekend

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this space with ordinary, everyday happenings, and I’ve been thinking that maybe I should! Been reading my old blogs which were very often updated in the past, and I like how it helps me recall things that happened long long ago simply because they were documented down nicely.

Anyway, it’s the National Day Jubilee Weekend and I’m absolutely loving it! It’s my first official long weekend of the year because my off days are Friday and Saturday, and the PHs thus far always fall on Friday. Which means I’ve to return to work on Sunday anyway. And a break means time to spend with my loved ones!

So yesterday, H brought me to Jurong East Swimming Complex which is super ultra mega beta (Apologize for the lack of rhyming word) far away from me.!!! It basically has all the facilities that Wild Wild Wet has, and we went in for free because of the SG50 celebrations. Still, it usually costs you $1.50 for entrance and that’s cheaaap.

I was pretty hesitant at first because he’s like the super garang kind and while I’m usually the less timid amongst my friends, I become quite scaredycat when I’m with him. It’s an older sister thing. You become braver when you have to step up and act the part, but when there’s someone much much braver you just derp. Thanks for taking care of me!! The lazy river and wave pool was quite fun, but the slide (which I only got to try one cos the other 2 were closing already) was the highlight. I screamed like a banshee and according to him, I screamed, then stopped for a while, and screamed again. Internally, it went a bit like this in my head: OMG THIS IS HELL FAST OMG – Omg I’m screaming damn loudly everyone can hear me crap (stops screaming) – OMG IT’S SUPER FAST HELP (starts screaming again). It was hell embarrassing. I need more practice man, I hope we go back there again!



Some happy pictures of us – whether it’s simply just walking in the park or having a whale of a time at Universal Studios Japan. Thank you for everything :) <3

Today, we gathered at my grandfather’s house in the evening. He sat me down and talked alot of stuff (like usual), and we had some yummy claypot rice that he cooked. It’s been a while and I miss those days where I used to hang around my grandparents’ house so often, and even refused to go home and would whine to stay overnight there during the weekends and especially during the holidays.

The Weekend

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