The Shivering Hearts


She never knew what it was that drew her to it, like a firefly drawn to the warmth of a precarious lampshade drawing lazy oscillations in the silent air. The night was cold, but the snug hues of the light that woke something inside her bathed her soul with comfort. Is this it? Is this really going to be it, moving on to the next phase of whatever there is to come? She was happy, contented, hopeful and forward looking, she told herself. Y’know how you gotta lie to yourself, him or her, whatever, sometimes to find out the truth? Yet the truth sometimes provide you with no value at all, and maybe, just maybe, the truth is that she didn’t really want to know it at all. So there, marry this hope with a little mirth, hesitation and boldness, and we’re good to go.

The Shivering Hearts

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