Was just one of those mornings where you wake up with stupid thoughts, that make you do stupid things, then have stupid questions that basically scream for answers. But then you push those to the back of your mind, because there’re more important worries now, worries that could’ve been unnecessary if only you’d been discerning and logical. And then you take the train, and midway through the ride you see a friendly-looking man in his late 50s who absolutely reminds you of your dad who’s no longer here, start tearing unconsciously because this time you’re unable to swallow that lump in your throat, and then recall that oops your eyeliner may have smudged maybe you should touch it up? And then fyp discussion suddenly gets a lot tougher, your trip planning goes wrong, and you’re like okay maybe it’s time to empty this head, don’t think about anything else and just work on your freaking report.

Listening to an awesome random playlist playing all the right songs now, seems to be the only thing making me feel better

Also, I realized chocolate has strange effects on you when you’re feeling emotional. Was sharing a kinder bueno with my sister and it went like this: Feel like crying –> Rainbows sunshine unicorns marshmallow clouds and daisies –> Feel like crying again

I’m sorry for abusing this space with all my meaningless, negative rants ._. Hi journal I’m sorry for only coming to you when I need somewhere to vent hahaha


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