And if and when you find a person that you do want to dive off the deep end with, that jump is scary and noble all on its own. But you shouldn’t want to jump unless you know. Unless it’s in your bones. If the thought that maybe you shouldn’t jump ever crossed your mind, maybe you really shouldn’t. Love is knowing not only that you should, but that it’s the only option there is.

Thank you.

It’s been so long since I’ve had a decent post up here! Been crazy busy after my birthday with work, stuff, and a week long holiday in HK! Shall update soon ^^ I miss all my friends, can’t wait to meet up with every single one of them soon!!

P.S Sometimes I really wish I wasn’t working still, feels like I’m never gonna get a decent break even though it’s the holidays. And school’s starting soon in like a couple of weeks? Gahhhhhhhhh


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