Random is my middle Name

2013-11-02 18.29.28

2013-11-11 19.49.24

The last time I ran was about 1.5 weeks ago, which means I’m full of self-hate and self-loathe and self-disgust right now after all that sedentary moping. Had a sore throat, fell sick and lost my voice over the past week :( I tried to walk alot more instead and I hope that makes up for it partially? I really love walking, I walked from Kovan to Hougang MRT on Monday, and then from Clarke Quay to Chinatown to Raffles Place to Tanjong Pagar, and then around Lavender on Wednesday after my 1/2 day of work. Walking is so therapeutic sometimes anyway. But oh well, I’ve been eating so badly these days, sigh :(

2013-11-09 15.30.30

Skinny mocha with less chocolate really tastes just like a skinny latte. Anyway, the other day the Starbucks barista was calling the drinks out for collection and I was so highly embarrassed when she loudly announced for my Iced Grande Green Tea Latte with Non-Fat Milk and 2 pumps syrup? Felt so awkward when everybody else’s drink was just 4-5 words worth.

2013-11-14 15.11.11

This was like, one of the most fun presentations I’ve ever done in school, after MKT3420 Promo. It was for MNO3301 Business with a Social Conscience, and I’m so thankful our epic group chose such an interesting company like VS! Which made for very fun and corny discussions and not to forget, prop preparations. Cue awkward cutting of brightly colored lacey looking stuff right smack in the middle of MRB. Prof loved the cutouts we prepared for the Panty Party game though hahahahaha. And in case you’re wondering, no, we’re not messing around with any sexually promiscuous stuff. We were just measuring the successes and failures of VS’ corporate social responsibility efforts and all, intellectual stuff okay hahahaha

2013-11-14 13.56.37

Props for our XOXO game (it’s a pun, really) with the epic Nicole :D And I only realized much later that we stupidly posed OXOX instead? Like seriously, wtf, we’re damn retarded. I rarely ever take photos with this girl but hi babe if you ever read this know that I love you yeah? I know you know that lah hahahaha cheesy’s not our thing. We’re forever spending this lesson on Reddit and other nonsense – this class is so relaxed all the time I swear.

2013-11-14 15.08.04Yayyyyyy :D

2013-11-02 13.01.51

An awesome x 100000 x infinity lunch Mummy whipped up on one weekend! I am totally in love with broccoli, like I really like it and I can honestly eat it alone for a meal if I have to. If I ever date anyone in future, I would probably consider requesting for broccolis sometime instead of flowers? Hahahaha okay I really am kidding but yes I love broccoli!! Yummy healthy & good for you :D

2013-10-28 13.57.30

Some people just wanna watch the world burn – this is how funny adults can get when you make them play the Confucius game, which is essentially stringing together 2-3 words to form a saying that would sound Confucius-like (in other words, act cheem). This was at one of the events I helped out at for my intern.

2013-10-28 13.57.12

Not gonna look at durians and candles the same way again….

2013-11-03 06.51.16 HDR

This was us, 3 weeks ago, still alive, awake and hyperactive after being awake for possibly more than 24 hours? It was like 7am or something hahahaha. Oh and we survived Halloween Horrors at USS that same night too with Cass & their friend Priscilla! Omg, it was so mega scary at the first scare zone that I wanted to rip my heart out and just get out of that place!! The vampires and draculas and everything else were so damn good at whatever they were doing.

Taking the rides at night with all that adrenaline running at full power was so mega fun!! :D The mummy ride felt scarier than I remembered it to be –  I always felt like it gave no kick in the past, but it actually felt super thrilling that night. We managed to finish all 3 haunted houses by 11.15pm! We honestly screamed so much that night hahahaha caused me a parched throat after that. Not too sure if I would go for subsequent years’ though hahaha it’s actually quite a price to pay just to scare yourselves. Once is enough I guess?


This was like 2 weeks ago? Mega love this photo because my phone in the picture has a picture of us – photoception!! :D Anyway, I evidently haz an insane number of photos with Tiffy hahahahaha when we have a Macbook all hell breaks loose, no kidding

4-up on 14-11-13 at 6.38 PM (compiled)

4-up on 14-11-13 at 6.01 PM (compiled)

4-up on 14-11-13 at 6.22 PM #6 (compiled) 4-up on 14-11-13 at 6.09 PM (compiled)4-up on 14-11-13 at 6.35 PM #9 (compiled)

This mandatory 1-2-3-4 pose looks mega lian-ified, my apologies hahahahaha but eh it’s very fun doing it okay!! #yolo for a lame excuse, if it helps

4-up on 14-11-13 at 6.00 PM (compiled)

2013-11-09 19.30.58

3 weeks ago I finally caught up with Yiwei & Cherry over dinner!! :D We queued up for Ramen at Tampopo and it was so good!! Still incomparable to Ramen Keisuku King’s one though. Anyway, forgot to take a picture with them both! I honestly miss the both of them so much. The 2 OLs are still such silly sweet and happy friends ^^ Which reminds me, I miss Ho too!!! Can’t wait for us to meet next weekend. Life has been so incredibly busy for everyone!

2013-11-09 20.57.15

We had Yami Yogurt and sat there for like an hour just talking about nothing in particular? Bliss.

Okay it’s 1 am right now and I’ve gotta wake up at 7+am tomorrow morning even though it’s a Saturday, so I’m gonna go head to bed! I really missed updating my blog, now that I’m totally in the momentum. Loads to prepare these few days cos we’ve gotta pray and all on Monday. It’s been a year, time flies past so quickly it’s insane. The mother’s highly angsty, emotional and irritable these days and it’s totally understandable. Sigh pie.


Random is my middle Name

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