Playing with fire has never been my kind of thing, but at least I now know clearer what it is that I desire. You know how they say we learn from experiencing it ourselves best? Perfectly describes me right now. It’s sick and twisted because it’s almost both satisfying yet demoralizing at the same time, which really is oxymoronic if you ask me. You can speak about it like a code of honor for your self-glorification, but also as something worth criticizing and reproaching yourself a million times over and over. He wouldn’t be proud of you if he knew this, you very well understand that.

Why should something that’s supposed to be simple and pure be made tainted and complex? 

I love love love this song so much and it gives me goosebumps listening to it :’)

This one makes my heart wrench whenever I listen to it – losing someone can be so terrible and painful, so unimaginably torturous and the process of healing so arduous but beautiful at the same time. We will always find ourselves back, won’t we? Don’t let anyone change you, take you for granted or make you doubt yourself otherwise. The ones who love you wouldn’t want you any other way other than just truly you.


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