2013-10-15 12.03.06-1

Skinny Matcha Latte from D’good Cafe, with a happy bear swimming in the middle! ^^ Set me off for a good afternoon of getting some nasty school work done that day

2013-10-15 17.28.17

Last week’s public holiday :)

2013-10-17 19.50.48

Dinner together last thursday :)

2013-10-17 19.50.38Getting changed for Zumba! Was already feeling high, hence the funky FBTs hahaha. Class was super enjoyable, can’t wait for the next lesson already. I felt so happy jumping around during the lesson cos the instructor was so energetic and highly amusing hahahahaha

2013-10-17 19.51.04

Still looking prim and proper before getting messy and sweaty hahaha

2013-10-18 19.33.42

Timbre! Was really looking forward to The Goodfellas playing cos they’d usually be Arts House on Friday, but it wasn’t them that night! Was pretty disappointed but the music and company was really good anyway :)

I was really craving to hear a live acoustic of Wherever You Will Go so I went home and replayed it like a million times that night

2013-10-18 19.36.15-1

Duck Pizza & Buffalo Wings (not worth the calories)

2013-10-18 23.19.45

We saw each other like twice in a row that week? Hahahaha had an awesome night “thinking about life” and talking about messed up people and stuff <3

2013-10-18 22.43.39

JYJ HAHAHA <3 How I miss my teenage days obsessing over DB5K and their god-like voices/talent/personalities/performances.

And see my chopped fringe? I re-dyed my hair and got a hair cut that day after my lessons ended! Was going to get some work done but my hair was annoying the hell out of me so I decided to get something done. Decided to try out Organic Hair Professional at Orchard Central since I had a voucher for it, and it was genuinely one of the best experiences I’ve ever had! It was like really, really good. Apart from the awesome fact that it’s organic dye, it wasn’t crazily expensive too! My fringe is always chopped off by hairdressers more than necessary even though I always tell them that my hair will inflate and “pong” so it appears much shorter later. Nobody believes me all the time.

2013-10-26 10.38.06

Place is so pretty right?

2013-10-26 10.37.45

Brought my younger sister out last Saturday! Her post-exams outing :) Hahahaha we had lunch around 3pm so she was really starving by then! We wanted to go Strictly Pancakes because she’s been wanting to try it out for quite a while, but the queue was still so super long! So we went to Hungry Chimps instead. Looks like a super unhealthy meal right but the pancakes and gelato were pretty good! Eggs Benedict was totally bland and non-runny though.

2013-10-26 10.37.55

She wanted a picture with the chimp behind hahahaha

2013-10-26 10.38.02

Can’t stop laughing at this picture because her head looks so small compared to mine! Like a little beansprout hahahahahaha

Anyway, wanted to bring her to Play Nation after that but the Wii console was malfunctioning and totally ruined our time :( The staff even wanted to make me pay for the 30mins we spent getting frustrated at the stupid thing. Super ridiculous man, thankfully another more sane lady told us we don’t have to pay! We went to Sentosa after that to check out USS for a while and roamed a bit instead hahaha. The Halloween getup and all was pretty cool looking. We decided though that we probably wouldn’t survive the place ourselves if we went in hahaha.

It was such a tiring and energy sapping day because we walked so much but oh well, good day spent with the younger sis :) So proud of her for doing well in her in spite of all the changes in our family situation the past year. I know I don’t talk about my younger bro and mum as much but that’s cos my sis hangs around me more most of the time hahahahaha. My bro’s immense patience (and retardedness, definitely) amazes me all the time, honestly. If you stalk me and do ever manage to see this HELLO BROTHER HAHAHA. Having my family around’s really one of the biggest blessings in my life.

Listening to some mood lifting covers on Youtube right now, shall get more of my work done today! LET’S DO THIS


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