What Were You Thinking, Lady

Should’ve been more discerning, should’ve known my place

This has been such a busy week so far, super eventful and with many things happening! We had another event at work this week and it was as interesting as the very first I was involved in. Shall get to updating on both of that soon since I really am struggling with school work now and my other personal commitments/meetups/dental and stuff

Fries and Wei Ling really don’t sit well together normally, so I don’t know why I’m having a meatball pesto baguette with fries for lunch at a cafe. I must be crazy. They didn’t state that there was gonna be fries though? Stupid menu. I really am a bread slave though. I haven’t ordered any mains with fries for the longest time ever – months, a year even. And that once or twice was probably because I didn’t have a choice then. Okay fine I was craving for shoestring fries when we were at Timbre because we had some beer but that is all. Probably gonna feel like killing myself later when I start feeling that oily disdain hahaha.

Rahhhhhhh anyway reason why I even wrote this post when I already have 2 backdated drafts is the fact that I am so disappointed with something right now. That fervent glimmer of hope makes me feel so foolish y’know? I feel so silly now :'( but okay it will blow over after a day or two, right? Can’t wait to go running tomorrow since I haven’t got to exercise much this week yet. Need to clear my mind clear my mind clear my mind hahahaha

Okay I know I totally am playing everything down but truth is I honestly feel so stupid right now

Not gonna say what it is though

Anyway, been feeling pretty bummed whenever I get reminded that daddy’s first death anniversary (the lunar date) falls on the same day as my birthday this year. Another item to add to my grocery list of reasons why I hate my birthday. Spent my twenty first waiting agonizingly because Daddy’s condition had worsened and thought that could be the worst birthday ever, but this year’s proving to break record.


I’ve been having such a bad day so far and I think I almost broke into tears twice today because more issues just came my way, again. Was on the verge of squirreling into the washroom and bawl my eyes out since I’ve been pretty much hanging around alone the whole day so far, then I remembered that I’m meeting the girls for dinner and don’t wanna look like a piece of shit so thankfully I have mastered the art of swallowing everything back. Yay to bimbo-ness. Wouldn’t it be really stupid if you see someone tearing to herself while walking in the mrt station hahaha

I think I’ve been too cheerful and happy these days, which is why everything’s so terrible suddenly. I used to love Novembers but I’m just so absolutely fucking scared of it after last year’s.

Hello sunshine and rainbow after the thunderstorm, looking forward to meeting you soon please


What Were You Thinking, Lady

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