A Photobooth Post

So, I haven’t meddled around with Photobooth for the longest time until that day while we were hanging out at D’good! Decided to clean up my photo files properly tonight and post some of my favorites here :) Photobooth always looks so much more fun when you revisit the photos much later, as compared to when you’re actually taking the photos. Beats me why! Pardon the overload of photos hahahaha too many favorites from those few times I used it. I haven’t actually used it thaaaaat many number of times, but usually take a million photos whenever I do!

4-up on 15-2-13 at 9.14 PM #5 (compiled)

With the younger sister :D Proof that this little monkey has epic talent at making faces. Must have picked up that skill from our brother hahahaha

4-up on 15-2-13 at 9.14 PM #9 (compiled)

Creep face expert hahahahaha makes me smile/laugh whenever I see this seriously

4-up on 15-2-13 at 9.13 PM (compiled)


Photo on 15-10-13 at 2.44 PM #3

A few days ago at D’good Cafe! Tiffy & Pam :) Pretty girls to the max above hahahahaha

Photo on 15-10-13 at 2.45 PM Photo on 15-10-13 at 2.34 PM

4-up on 15-10-13 at 2.41 PM (compiled)

Photo on 15-10-13 at 2.42 PM #2 4-up on 15-10-13 at 2.46 PM (compiled)

4-up on 18-3-13 at 9.06 PM (compiled)

A few months back while we were still going through tumultuous times in the family when things changed. The little kids make life so much happier sometimes :) Handsome little boy boy!

4-up on 18-3-13 at 9.06 PM #5 (compiled)Photo on 4-4-13 at 5.28 PM

The most adorable thing ever hahahahaha my impish niece in our huge family :D

4-up on 17-4-13 at 12.40 AM #5 (compiled)

Almost half a year back or something? HAHA we were having a late night chill session at Udders/Prata House after a longggg day of work/school! Oh, that was the day I happily magically sprained my leg too (and had to get it tended to the next day). Amazing how I still looked so happy while it was practically swelling up in the hours meanwhile hahahaha

4-up on 17-4-13 at 12.41 AM (compiled)

4-up on 10-3-12 at 7.38 PM (compiled)

AND THESE ONES! One of the earliest times I ever used my photobooth, about a year ago with the best friend! HAHAHA pardon our immaturity, one year makes alot of difference okay? We were young and wild and freeeeeee~ okay nonsense we still very much are

Photo on 10-3-12 at 7.25 PM #2 4-up on 10-3-12 at 7.30 PM (compiled) 4-up on 10-3-12 at 7.40 PM #5 (compiled)

Too happy with our korean dinner and drinks

Photo on 10-3-12 at 7.25 PMPhoto on 10-3-12 at 7.28 PM #5

4-up on 10-3-12 at 7.45 PM (compiled)Hahahaha remind me to take more photos on photobooth please.

Why is there no one to take with me now okay fine goodnightttttt

A Photobooth Post

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