9 Ways To Text Like A Dad

This is the first thing that has woken me on a Friday mid-day. So explicably apt and highly relatable that it makes me smile :)

The discovery of Emoji, paired with awkward punctuation and random “HAHAHAH”-s thrown in so uncharacteristically of my Dad used to forever entertain me hahahaha. It’s like cracking some cryptic Morse code with extremely neat paragraphing. Miss those so much Daddy! A pity the only times I really texted him was whenever I was traveling overseas without the family.

Highly restless now because the 8am lesson that has started hours ago feels like forever, even though I was half an hour late (first time I’m this late in my 3 years plus of uni life)


Thought Catalog

The day my Dad sent me my first text, I was sure it was the dawn of the Apocalypse. I was texting with a crush, trying to come up with witty responses and retorts—I was, as they say, deep in text. When all of a sudden—bada bing!

Dad: this work? Love you daddy.

I’d be lying if I said a little part of me didn’t die at the sight of this text, and every subsequent text from him since. It’s not that I’m surprised by his texts; I guess it’s more fascination than anything else. Like watching a fish out of water, or like seeing your 3rd grade teacher out drinking. It is truly a fascinating site. And at the same time, it’s not an easy state to achieve—such a lack of coherence when texting. For one thing, you have to have been born before 1965. A distinct disinterest…

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9 Ways To Text Like A Dad

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