Weekend for a Sloth


I haven’t been this glad about the weekend for quite a while! Started my part-time internship this week, and I do a 2.5-3 days from Mon-Wed which are days I don’t have lessons on. Actually, I was initially pretty hesitant about the idea of doing one, because I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to handle doing 4 mods + CP. And I’ve got my multiple ongoing ortho appointments as well, and am probably going to be dealing with aches and ulcers once I finally get my braces on.

Actually, my dream odd job for quite a while has been to work in a cafe, learn to roast coffee beans and finally do my own latte art. I actually managed to snag 2 part-time jobs that would let me do that before I graduate in a year and embark on boring, restrictive corporate life. However, my mum vehemently refused to let me do so because she has some warped preconceived notion that I shouldn’t be doing such stuff. I was terribly upset, but really couldn’t do much about it because it’s my mum you’re talking about, and she’s not easy to convince nor talk to. Sigh.

So yes, I decided that I’d do a part-time internship instead since a part-time cafe job was out of the question! A little experience in all types of firms would let me better understand what kind of job I should do in future, so why not right! Although it makes my schedule packed to the brim but I’m really not complaining :) Being busy makes me feel less depressed, not kidding. I don’t even have time to mope around like a loser these days.

Anyway, I’ve spent yesterday night and today doing absolutely nothing much related to school work at all. I even had the luxury of taking 2 short naps today omg can you believe it? Precious. Let’s just let me live in ignorant bliss for now.

Feeling a little more like I’m ready to take on the world after today heehee


Last friday with Vivian & Jazz :) The last time we met before this, all of us were totally shagged from just starting the school semester, so we had a short dinner before heading home early on a friday night. I’m so sorry I only managed to hang around for a short while that night since I couldn’t get home too late! I love you both friendsss, was so happy to see y’all ^^ Can’t wait for our next outing at Blisshouse, that Somersby Apple Cider themed place. Apparently every single dish prepared there’s infused with some apple cider!




2013-09-11 00.35.28This is retarded me trying the korean melon ice cream for the first time after a korean bbq hahaha the same night as the one I posted about 2 entries ago

Some of the yummy food I ate this past week below! I didn’t eat that badly this week, but it’s still not good enough compared to the time where I was pretty obsessive about my food choices (you should ask my family about it, I think they probably can’t stand me sometimes even until now). Gone are the times where I find even Ice Milo/Ice Barley/Ice Lemon Tea too ridiculously sweet and would not touch anything that is laden with cream and the like. Okay I still have a low threshold for sweet/salty/oily stuff now but I should really eat more cleanly these days :(

2013-09-16 12.53.15Lunch takeout alone on my first day of work. Nobody really goes out for lunch there, everyone just packs it and goes back to eat at the common table area. Being a self-sufficient loner, I wanted to skip the hassle of throwing myself into the whole awkward “hi I’m a newcomer it’s my first day of work yes no one else is sitting beside me so you can have the seat” I ate out alone. This salad was so yummy though? I was realllyyy craving for a good salad and was missing the salad place near my previous office at The Concourse so much!! You’d think there would be more choices at Clarke Quay but No.

2013-09-17 12.58.41

Lunch takeout alone again on day 2? HAHA okay I settled for sitting right at my own desk since my boss did the same. We had takeout from Star Vista since we went there for a site recce. Pretty interesting experience may I add! And okay this sandwich was really hell good okay, it was like packed full of chicken breast, avocado and super fresh and huge lettuce slices? It cost a whopping 8 bucks though. I should seriously pack my own one to lunch I swear. Oh and my boss got a vegan fruit tart since she wasn’t that hungry. Woah.2013-09-18 13.55.18

Chicken avocado wrap at Toby’s Estate!! Had lunch alone again on day 3 since I did a 1/2 day. Finalllyy visited this place and it’s so comfortable and cosy! It’s got a long wooden table with multiple plugs and the cafe has wifi, so it was perfect for doing some work!

Did a couple of hours there before I trekked back to Central for our MNO3203 group meeting! We spent like almost 4 hours filtering the comments on the IVLE forum because we were required to incorporate our classmates’ suggestions in. So much work to do for this presentation, and I’m so glad it’s over! Thankful for Brenda & Cynthia because doing this with them made it a whole much happier and bearable affair :) It went just fine on Thursday and now we’re just left with replying to alllll the comments individually on the forum. I’m like 101 times more well-versed than I was before with Singapore’s employment laws after this whole project. Our individual paper’s making me stressed though, I haven’t thought of what I should research and write about :'( HOW AM I GONNA FIND PEOPLE TO INTERVIEW

2013-09-20 15.29.14

Friday’s super late lunch – Roast chicken burger on wholemeal buns @ Group Therapy Cafe! We had wanted to go for Ramen Kisuke since it’s proclaimed as one of the best in Singapore, but it was closing at 3pm so we missed it! Anyway, it was good going back to Group Therapy, I think it’s like my 2nd or even 3rd time there? The burger was so good and un-unhealthy!! :D The buns are large enough to feed a village though so I didn’t finish some of it and left like 3/4 of the chips untouched. The chicken shreds were unending, felt like a bottomless well of it hahahaha. Had a realllyyy good catch up with Ho after not seeing her for 2 weeks! So glad I have you babe. (: Best line of the afternoon had to be when she said “Omg you know what I am so ridiculous!!!”, which sent me bowling over with laughter and in perfect agreement with what she said.

Anyway, relieved that my pretty “gah” group (I’m trying to be politically neutral about it) scraped through Friday’s presentation for Entre Marketing, and actually did much better than most of the other groups. Helps that 3 of us are biz students and year 3/4/5s I guess? So realistically we’ve got a bit more knowledge in some aspects, but I’m sure the engineers and computing people are gonna whack our ass when coming up with the technicalities and whatever of the product blah blah blah. It’s an elective mod but I’ve got no more SUs left soooo better get an A for it

Thursday was just jam-packed with lessons and group meetings and basically feeling the brunt of the absence of my dad because it was Mid-Autumn Festival. It’s sad when I go past the park and recall all those times he used to bring us there to play with lanterns and candles. We’d go there each year when we were young idiotic kids, before we moved into our previous house, so last year when we got back there again I remember feeling so warm and nostalgic. Didn’t expect that to be the last time we’d go there as a family though.  I miss him so much these days.

Ayeeeee I don’t know how I found the stamina in me to do such a naggy post today but oh my god there are so many other things I wish to say!! I’m tired now though, and resting my back against the wall’s making me sore.

2013-09-05 13.48.10

I have like 6 x this at home hahahahaha don’t you think it’s so insanely cute!!! :D :D :D :D :D It’s so happy and tofu-like and it makes me smile. I couldn’t resist them so I got like 6 at one go in HK hahahahaha it can store pens in its backbone!! I have my own Chummy Village now, proudly named by my sister and I.

If I manage to drag myself out of bed at 8 am to go for a run tomorrow morning before meeting the girls for brunch at 11am, I should give myself a pat on the back lolol

Yawn. Shall read a couple of tumblrs & browse through Thought Catalog before I sleep! The cycle of school and then work resumes again tomorrow…

Weekend for a Sloth

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