Bits x Pieces

Just bits and pieces of my life these days for the past few weeks

(with many low-res photos from the incompetent iPhone camera)


Random rambles ahead hahahaha

2013-08-24 18.43.18Universal Studios outing with the younger sister after her common tests about 3 weeks ago :) Our 2nd time in 2 months, since we got the student season pass that lasts till end Nov. Super worth it! I laughed so hard at her while we were taking the Fairy Enchanted ride. We took it like 3-4 times since the queue moves really fast anyway. She was hollering in this manly voice because screaming high pitched became too painful. I was laughing so hysterically I thought my glasses were gonna fly off or something hahahaha why is she so cute!

I conquered my fear of rollercoasters when I took the scarier rides at Ocean Park in HK. So we tried to help her conquer her fear this time round, and we did! We sat the Mummy ride twice, and realized it’s actually no kick at all hahaha. Too bad the Battlestar Galactica rides were closed and we didn’t get to try them! Although it’d probably still be too high level for her hahahaha

2013-08-24 18.43.09

Do we look alike? :D She’s 8 years younger but I still look very young too right right right? Hahahaha my whole family looks alike actually

2013-08-24 18.43.57

2013-08-29 18.30.46

Caulipongpong & I met up 3 Fridays ago after my lessons for one of our chit-chat sessions filled with so much (self-proclaimed) wisdom and depth hahahahaha. We ended up talking non-stop for almost 3 hours about loads of enlightening stuff HAHA. And reminisced about those days/nights in year 1 and 2 where we stayed back in sch to mug, and sometimes ended up just drifting into conversation and hence abandoning our work aside. Or how we were having a study session on the first day of recess week 3 sems ago, realized how sad that was, and threw our studies aside to go sing karaoke instead. HAHAHA. Hope work is going well for you babe :)

2013-08-29 18.28.02

2013-09-02 20.34.03

2013-09-02 20.35.03

Dinner together the night before Selina goes back to UK! Friends since the silly teen days hahahaha the ultimate BFFz :) Can’t wait for Sel to be back again, so glad the 4 of us had a trip to HK while she was back this time! Andddd since Sel has a couch in her room now I honestly wish I could go over to London sometime soon to crash her place hahahahaha

2013-09-05 15.07.58

Tea time at Paris Baguette! It really was my first time trying out the pastries from this place even though the whole world has already been there a million times or something. Don’t remember getting anything the 1st time I was there! And I like that about half their waitresses/waiters are Korean hahahahaha

AND GUESS WHAT I GOT. A slice of Earl Grey Cake and a Tiramisu! I know it’s calorie bomb but this was my very late lunch, and I was feeling very meh that day. Although I have a phobia of celebrating my birthday now and hate it but omg can you imagine having Earl Grey Cake for your birthday??? Best thing ever. This was so awesome and moist and super good! I really love Earl Grey Tea and maybe I’m overdoing this, but this was really like one of the best cakes I’ve ever had despite all that buttercream (some of which I scooped out) so I was like really happy. Going into blabber mode. The Tiramisu wasn’t that awesome though, it was dry and flaky in my opinion!

2013-09-05 19.02.31

Date with my gf Tiffy that day :) Caught up so much and it feels like it’s been quite a while since it was just 2 of us just chatting our lives away, about nothing and everything in particular. We did meet a few times the past few weeks but didn’t really get to talk properly cos it was like gathering/karaoke and stuff. Still can’t stop laughing at how she burst her Egg Benedict while she was having her dinner at Pique Nique HAHAHA. You’re a strong strong girl babe, we love you more than you know :’)

2013-09-07 21.27.02

Squid Ink Pizza at Skinny Pizza! I’ve honestly never ordered nor tried a squid ink dish, like pasta or pizza even though loads of people have been talking about it. This was really good, better than their Ginger Butter Chicken one in my opinion. And Sheryl thought the seafood was really fresh! Which is a good thing because the less fresh seafood is usually used for pizzas, fried stuff and the like.

2013-09-07 23.34.50

The only proper photo I managed to get with Sheryl that Saturday night! We walked sooooo much that night hahahaha from Raffles City to Boat Quay then to find Cam at Home Club and then Clarke Quay and finally Robertson Quay wooo hahahaha. As it always is with Lyx (her cool nickname), we had a million and one things to talk about, even while sitting outside Arts House Timbre and leeching on their live music HAHA. We had planned to go there with Minhui initially, but then Min fell sick so 2 of us ended up at Skinny Pizza instead!

Because we were so damn spontaneous, we dcided to go for an ‘Electronic Party’ (AHAHA to put it nicely) where we met like the strangest people ever who made our night by being so freaking amusing. Super well spent Saturday because I had a productive group meeting before that with Brenda and Cynthia, and then a good good catch up with Lyx!

Thankful for the people in my life :)

Bits x Pieces

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