Selfish Gene Cafe x Stranger’s Reunion for the August birthday babies

Last Saturday, we had lunch to celebrate our August babies’ birthdays! Am still amazed at how I managed to survive Friday-Saturday when I was having a really bad cold out of nowhere since that Friday morning. I actually left my last class halfway because it was so freezing cold I thought my nose was gonna freeze and drop off lolol.  Met Joyce who was also having a cold as well, HAHA. We were like 2 retards having lunch at the Arts canteen while sniffling continuously!! Met again the next day and we were both still having a cold. Must be the effects of a school life that’s only getting busier!

So yes. That saturday morning, I dragged myself out of bed while Cindy & Tiffany were still soundly asleep hahaha. We always bunk over at Cindy’s when we spend the night out! Was tearing half the time throughout the day but the company made things so much better :’)

Ho-tard suggested Selfish Gene Cafe for lunch so we decided to head there! I’ve been here before myself once and talked about it here, and still have a very positive impression of their salads. Their salads are dressed with their own tangy lemon vinaigrette, which makes it really light while packing a punch in terms of taste. Super like! Decided to try their breakfast this time, and I really, really couldn’t make up my mind what to get.

DSC05441Settled for the Valerie in the end, which was a stack of fluffy toasted brioche served with cream cheese and berry compote, as well as scrambled eggs and a portion of mesclun salad on the side. Even though I would prefer to not eat cream cheese if I had a choice, I gave in to this and was super content with mixing the yummy berry compote with it to go with the brioche. The scrambled eggs was frothy and tasty! Was half-expecting it to be bland but it surpassed my expectations :’) Anddddd yes, like I said, their awesome SGC lemon vinaigrette will make any salad great, even with the more bitter mesclun leaves :)


Yiwei’s! Norwegian smoked salmon with toasted plain bagel x cream cheese x mesclun salad


Cherry’s! Ham & Cheese Sandwich – honey baked ham x mozzarealla x chedder cheese x mayonnaise with sundried tomato bread


Joyce’s! B.OB – poached eggs x norwegian smoked salmon, creme fraiche x mesclun on multigrain bread


Joyce :) While waiting for our table at Stranger’s Reunion! We decided to head down there for desserts :) after lunch at Selfish Gene


Cherry :) The sunlight was shining directly into our eyes from our opposite direction, that’s why we look like we’re wearing blue contacts or something hahaha


My 3rd time at this place, and it looks so much more spacious after their recent renovations! It has a less rustic feel now and has a more ‘clean’ and minimalist feel overall. Kinda miss the awkwardly low wooden benches and tables from before, but it really is able to take in alot more people now! The place makes you feel happy :’)


DSC05471Yiwei & Cherry :) Realized I didn’t manage to take a picture with Ah Wei that day!


DSC05475Strawberry Tart with generous slices of strawberries, and a very crumbly butter tart base! Crumbles are my undoing – they are so unhealthy when you remind yourself of all that butter used to make it, but it really is my weakness. I like anything that has a tart base or has crumbles. Give me an apple crumble and I’ll eat only the crumbles.  Sharing desserts are the best because you get to try it without overindulging! ^^

DSC05477Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream – I love, love, love apples, and they will be my #1 favourite fruit till the end of time. I don’t find myself liking apple crumbles very much however. I find it weird that the apple slices are soft and flaccid instead of the usual crunchy slices, so uhm I don’t exactly dig apple crumbles. Still, because I love crumbles and the ice cream went well with it, this was pretty good too. Would prefer the strawberry tart over this though.



My uni best friends :) I can never mention enough how thankful I am to have you guys. With 2 of y’all out of school already and 2 of us still stuck in our 4th year, school does feel different without the 2 of you around. Thinking back orientation days more than 3 years ago and how far we’ve come till now, it’s safe to say we’ve all grown so much and have had loads of awesome good times together :D Even though some cynical people will say that being products of business school will have warped our minds in certain contexts but I still feel like we’re still giggly silly happy retards whenever we’re together hahahaha. Can’t wait for our next meetup already :) Hang in there both of you OLs!!

Selfish Gene Cafe x Stranger’s Reunion for the August birthday babies

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