Lunch at Lauren Jasmine with Min | Joyce’s Birthday!

Because I currently have a 2 day work week, I’m still pretty free right now since the school semester is still only in its second week. I know everyone says a 2 day week is insane and they’re really jealous but uhm, my lessons are crammed into just Thursdays & Fridays, and they both start at a horrifyingly early 8am. Not to add that it seems like my school week starts when everyone else’s is already ending, hahaha.

Anyway, I’ve been waking up at 5.30am every morning this week! The younger sis sets off to school super early and I’ll wake up earlier to have breakfast with her and my mum before walking her out to the bus stop. And then I’ll head off to the market with my mum at 8am plus to get groceries and stuff. Sigh, if only I could sleep in more. Waking up so early and not having afternoon naps makes me super exhausted.

So since I’m considered super free for most of the days now, I met Ah Min for lunch near her workplace! The area at Amoy Street & Boon Tat Street has so many of these little cafes, so we popped by Lauren Jasmine. It’s a boutique cum cafe that houses 2 levels in its unit. Vaguely remember reading about it online before and I think the place is pretty new if I’m not wrong? About a year old or so!



There’re 2-3 small tables on the first floor, and we were told that there was more seating available on the second floor! So we ordered our lunch and then headed upstairs. The place is quiet and simple, with simple wooden furnishings that complete the whole minimalist getup in Lauren Jasmine. Extremely conducive if you’re seeking a silent environment to catch up on some reading or ponder over one of your many important/or unimportant issues.

DSC05410Boutique section on the first level – eclectic fashion pieces that are conceptualized and designed in-house


Food was good! We were meeting for lunch, so we wanted something substantial but they unfortunately did not have typical mains like sandwiches or brunch sets. They did have a generous variety of pies and desserts though, so we decided to try their pies!

I had a Cranberry Apple Duck Pie & Min had an Egg & Shrooms Pie. They were so surprisingly good! I think we weren’t exactly expecting much because the pies looked extremely ordinary, but they tasted so much better than expected. The pie crust was both hard yet flaky enough, and the pie fillings were so savoury. I loved the generous bits of cranberries, although it felt a little too sweet after a while. Min’s Egg & Shrooms tasted just nice though! I really like mushrooms, teehee.


My cuppa latte! Which was fragrant and foamy just the way I liked it. This came with a cookie, and I realized that it’s exactly the ones I had while in Germany! Used to occasionally grab a latte before our 9am classes to perk myself up, and they’d give this exact coffee cookie. I didn’t feel like eating it then, but I forgot to take it while we were leaving >:( I really miss this because it reminds me of my super awesome Europe trip. May I chance upon it again sometime soon, hahaha.

2013-08-20 13.21.25

Definitely a place I’d love to visit again! There’re so many other cafe haunts around the area, and it’s only a short trek away from Ann Siang Hill. I see myself returning back to the area sometime soon to check out more places :D


My lunch partner, the best project groupmate ever <3 Can’t wait for you to return to school next sem babe, miss having you around already! Hang in there at your internship :)

Went for dental appointment at Mt E. after that, which burnt $107 in my pocket after a consultation that lasted less than 10 minutes. Hahaha fml really. Scooted off to Vivocity after that to meet Joyce the birthday girl for a short while!! <3

DSC05427Happy happy birthday Ho <3 I know you know that I love you to bits, and you probably won’t read this anytime soon, but I’m so glad that I have you :’) Thank you for being such an awesome friend, may we still be bffz for decades to come hahahaha #cheesytothemaxbutnecessary

And seriously, this girl has gotta try mooncake someday and start ordering things other than mixed rice at food courts. Hahahaha epic friend really.

DSC05429With her fav fav chocolate hahahaha wanted to get something else but I ended up getting chocolate stacked cake from Awfully Chocolate, again!! We had that last year during her birthday too I think hahahaha.

Okay, that’s all for now. Surviving on less than 4 hours of sleep because I had insomnia last night even though I was super tired already. Haven’t had such heavy lidded eyes in a long time. So thankful there was a seat on the long train ride to school this morning at 7am. 8 am class again tomorrow :O

Lunch at Lauren Jasmine with Min | Joyce’s Birthday!

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