Color Run Singapore @ Sentosa

It’s Sunday again! Nestling at home today, which is a pretty good choice since 70% of my exposed skin is still currently stained red from yesterday’s Color Run. Touted as the happiest 5k in the world, it truly proved its point yesterday because oh my god, I don’t think I’ve ever felt this happy while running! Okay wait actually it was barely a run because 90% of the population of thousands just walked through most of the 5km hahaha. Complete opposite from the 10km Nike Run I did with the uni gang last October, where the atmosphere was mostly tense from everyone trying pace themselves to survive through the 10km.

Met Jazzy Wazzy at like 11am in the morning to head down to Sentosa earlier! Kanchiong us wanted to make sure we could secure a locker there since proper locker services weren’t provided for the run. Checked our belongings in and then spent the rest of the day walking up down and around Sentosa to kill time :D Had such a great catch up with Jazz, we can get so bimbotic and retarded hahahahaha luckily it was just 2 of us so there weren’t others around to judge us.


2013-08-17 14.25.55

As you can tell, we took like a million photos throughout the day! Walking around Sentosa totally reminded me of the orientation days spent notoriously around the whole ‘island’. I still remember the games we played, how we all bitched about sand sticking on our wet bodies, the ultra competitive war games where people started becoming assholes and of course, rolling around and having fun even while the sun rays struck us mercilessly and turned us into burnt and tanned pancakes. SO SUPER FUN. I have to admit that there are bits of orientation I hate, like having to socialize and get out of your comfort circle while trying to convince others that yes, you may be a creep but at least a friendly/approachable/unfreaky one. Still, looking back on those days tend to remind me of the insanely fun bits rather than those awkward moments :’)

14748b45-b309-47c1-9715-40bfb044616bwallpaperWe had lunch at Aston’s at the RWS area, then walked back to the beaches and got changed before grabbing a drink and lounging at some random grass patch. And then subsequently launched into a series of camwhoring. Actually, that was what the whole world was doing before the ‘run’ started :D The whole atmosphere felt so chill, hyped and fun already, almost like a carnival!

2013-08-17 15.31.08

We all know how fair Jazz is & how I look like fifty shades of grey darker than her, hahahaha. Why you so chio Jazz!

2013-08-17 16.41.44

Still super clean and decent looking before the run started…and then HOLY GRAIL MOTHER OF GOD, LET THE POWDER THROWING FRENZY BEGIN!!!! :D

2013-08-17 17.19.59

The pink powder station!!! :D The very first one after the mini session of yellow powder sprinkled at the start of the run. -inserts massively hysterical screaming and overly excited crowd. Everyone was screaming hahahaha hype level 10001


After the blue station!! HAHA there was this dude who was like “WHY DO YOU LOOK SO CLEAN!” and proceeded to smash a handful of blue powder on my left profile. Tyvm, saved me the trouble of scrambling for more coloured powder like everyone else hahahaha.

2013-08-17 17.45.51

THE YELLOW STATION, WHICH WAS THE SECOND LAST ONE. HAHAHA yellow is such a good colour to mix into the rest, but unfortunately there seemed to be a lack of yellow powder!! There didn’t seem to be sufficient going around, so because the floor was blanketed with remnants from previous rounds of throwing, tons of people proceeded to roll themselves like a popiah on the floor. Super duper funny hahahahaha we were so tempted to follow suit. It’s hard to explain the state of delirium everyone was in – we decided to keep jogging because the adrenaline kept us high, and it’s super entertaining and amusing to hi 5 random people while running and screaming like a hyena hahahahaha. It’s like, I’ve never seen fellow Singaporeans as insane and friendly as I did during the run.

2013-08-17 18.03.59

I know we look terrifying, hahahahahaha

2013-08-17 18.38.04

2013-08-17 20.56.16


2013-08-17 19.16.20

The super duper pretty sunset :) #nofilter Thousands of coloured people just hanging around and jumping to the loud music that was blasting at the finish line festival. We were given packets of powder to throw into the air/at people/at yourself/at your friends :D The stains are so terribly hard to wash off though. Bathed before we left Sentosa & headed for dinner! Looks like tons of people gave up bathing because of the long queues and lack of bathrooms. Tons of people were just hanging around at Harbourfront with their painted bodies, and there was even groups who took to town in that state. It was amusing watching everyone else’s wondrous expressions on the trains.

I’m so glad we decided to go for the Color Run – I could feel the genuine happiness surging through my entire being, as if I could readily lose myself forever in all that hype and chaos. So glad they brought it to Singapore! We decided that we’d definitely go for next year’s if it comes around again, or maybe we’ll choose to be volunteers instead so we get to throw all that colored powder at other people. Super well spent Saturday, although I’m still super shagged now.

Color Run Singapore @ Sentosa

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