3. Be paranoid that everyone is up in their business. I don’t know why this is but moms always seem to be nervous that people are snooping into their affairs. “My neighbor, Barb, is so nosy! She needs to stay out of my life and respect my privacy!” It’s like, no offense, but who is so interested in the life of suburban moms? Who’s actually peering through their blinds into your mom’s house acting like a Nancy Drew detective? My mom spends her days brushing my dog’s hair and Googling pictures of salmon and timeshares in Mexico but somehow she believes that all eyes are on her!

7. Send you a text that says “CALL NOW” when you haven’t been picking up their phone calls. You of course dial them immediately thinking that someone must’ve died but it turns out they just wanted to chat with you. “Is everything okay, mom?” you blurt out when they pick up the phone. “Sure it is, sweetie,” they respond, confused by the sound of panic in your voice. “How are you? Why haven’t you been returning my calls?” Oops, you’ve been tricked, Mom-style. They got you again!

7 Things Moms Like to Do via Thought Catalog

Hahaha, totally. Mum always does that on our family whatsapp group.

“Ling, taken lunch? Call me when you can.”

“On your way back home? Where r you now?”

On my 2nd day in Hong Kong, my aunt and uncle (who live there) found out about our stupidly booked accommodation at Chung King Mansions. And the typhoon warning was increased to level 3, so my mum got worried wondering if I was affected by the typhoon in the area I was at. I had gotten a local mobile number which allowed me to have access to 3G, but since my iphone’s battery was running low and I still needed 3G in case I got lost on my way back myself, I switched off my 3G and everything else. Cue red flashlights and mega chaos – I was greeted with millions of incessant whatsapp messages and like 10 over missed calls from my uncle/auntie/cousin/mum.  Hahaha not complaining though, I’m thankful I have such a concerned family :’)



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