Back from my holiday in Hong Kong!

Hi, I’m finally back from Hong Kong after 6 days in the land of outrageously good food, crazy walkways, and super impatient people. I liked Hong Kong very much in general, with its sky high buildings lighting up the night skies and all, even though some people may beg to differ and find them intimidating instead. I ate so much while I was there! There were so many must-try places. Still, y’know what, I actually lost weight during the holiday! I really love walking, and all that insane amount of walking has done good in burning off all those calories. I probably walked a good 10km on some days, maybe. HAHAHA okay that would totally be an exaggeration, but since I got to try plenty of stuff while losing weight at the same time, double yay!


This was a trip with plentiful of highs and lows, so I’ll be back with a longer post on another day. There was quite a bit of stuff that transcended within that 6 days, and there are things that I’d love to pen down & remember in future. Anyway, here are my travel buddies for the bulk of the trip – my friends since 14 :) Hoho Woongsy & Sel! We took the picture above at Ocean Park, which was pretty fun and enjoyable. I think it was our favorite day out of the 4. I still can’t believe I actually went ahead & sat on the roller coasters even though I had never taken scary scary ones before this…We went straight for the daunting looking Hair Raiser for our 2nd ride and damn, it turned out to be so exciting & fun. I actually enjoyed it thoroughly even though I was screaming myself hoarse throughout the whole ride :D I miss the place already!

And, I’m so happy I got to meet up with Joyce & Min Hui there too! Was with Joyce most of the time on my first 2 days there, and got to meet Ah Min for a short cafe haunt on the 2nd day. There’s just something about meeting your close friends overseas :)

Just some snapshots first!


DSC04813Love you so much Ho! <3

DSC04844Super awesome Bo Luo Bun & Mexican Bun from Kam Wah Cafe omg totally missing this already

DSC04806Coffee date with Ah Min! <3

DSC05112Our epic monkey faces after a super wet ride that was screaming fun

DSC05048I luv penguins for their dumb-like cuteness ^^



DSC05282HAHAHA our selca with Mr LKY

DSC05340Egg tarts from Tai Cheong omg can you pack one for me from HK and give it to me now

Shall update this place again tomorrow! Long weekend ahead because of the Hari Raya & National Day holidays. So glad and thankful for the short break ahead before school starts again :’)

Back from my holiday in Hong Kong!

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