I haz Macarons (& a happy salad)

After an event-filled Saturday filled with loads of activity, I managed to pull myself off of bed at 8am on a Sunday morning last week. Did some housekeeping at home before I left for my Macaron Making Class! I bought a deal voucher previously and this cost me $55 instead of the actual price of $110. I’ve always liked baking but rarely get a chance to because we have yet to get ourselves an oven at home, and I refuse to make do with the microwave one (yes there are some recipes which can be done with the microwave). I really dislike the microwave because it spoils your food, its DNA and all so yup, we don’t use the microwave at home. Should really get rid of it soon and make way for an oven so that my siblings and I can start entertaining our wild baking dreams of sunshine and goodness.

So yes, I was really excited to go for the class! It was all the way at e2i at Redhill though, and it was a workshop conducted by ICAS Training & Education College. I was uhm like, almost 25 minutes late for class, but the instructor was so nice! Joined a pair of mum-daughter to do the baking and they were really kind & friendly too. (:



Our baked macaron shells! I realized the recipe for macarons isn’t actually that complex, but apparently the beating and mixing part is really important so that your shells come out smooth and are not easily cracked. We had to beat and beat the mix until it was a stiff peak when we inverted the whisk! That’s the most crucial part according to our instructor.


We had so much fun piping the chocolate ganache in between our ‘married’ macarons. It was fun trying to pick out similarly sized macaron shells to put together. Also, you’d notice that our macarons were really mini-sized…they were so cute, and some people from our class said they looked like the Yupi burger candies :D



This was a fun experience and it made me want to bake so much after this. Which resulting in me googling tonnes of no-bake recipes for the rest of the day, and filtering out those that required an electric mixer. Sigh, severely under-equipped for home baking. Wanted to make some oreo cheesecake cupcakes with my sister that Sunday afternoon but Mummy told us not to mess up her kitchen. Oh well, better luck next time when she’s in a possibly better mood!

And last night, because my mum went for some Japanese dinner with my aunties, my sister & I had a simple dinner ourselves! We had wanted to go for a run all the way until the fishing area in Punggol with some eateries for dinner, but I ended work kind of late in the end so we didn’t. I did quite abit of grocery shopping before going home and bought sushi for us. I love love love grocery shopping so much because it’s so amazing looking at all the choices out there and then taking your time to look through the nutritional information before picking out the best one. Time really is a luxury man, wished I had more time to slowly peruse through everything but I was rushing home.


The sister has totally been into packing cereal in a lunchbox for her recess these days so I was thinking of what we could do to pack a simple something for her. Ended up with a simple fruit pasta salad, and packed a small packet of Italian dressing for her too. It looks so happy & cheery, and I would totally pack some for myself to bring for lunch to work…except today’s my last day of work!!! -inserts overly happy face and sounds of party poppers and celebratory music. I didn’t stop my internship in mid July but finished the whole thing, yay. We couldn’t finish our sushi even though there wasn’t alot in the first place, so she packed a few pieces too ^^

It’s friday today woohoo :D

I haz Macarons (& a happy salad)

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