Flea Sales 0 Fun Laughter & Jokes 1

So on Saturday last weekend, my lovely girlfriends & I had a flea booth at Beer Market! We decided to try a flea out in an attempt to get rid of all our pre-loved clothes. Was still feeling pretty unwell then so I was kind of lazy about going for the flea, but I dragged my ass down anyway and met them at about 10.45am in the morning! Am super glad that I made it though, because it turned out to be a day filled with truck loads of fun. Really enjoyed myself and I’m so happy we managed to spend an entire day (like 12 hours straight) together since Grace came back from Seattle :’)


Queuing outside Beer Market bright & early to get a better spot for our booth



At the start of the flea where our prices were still hilariously high – this flea was damn funny actually, everything was going at killer low prices after a while so we ultimately slashed everything to like, 2 pieces for $5 and stuff? I mean like, fleas at Cineleisure (last time at least, before the underground level became permanently fixed shops) used to be slightly more upmarket and a piece of apparel would at least be $10, whether it is preloved or not. Guess Beer Market’s location wasn’t extremely good, because it’s not in the open and you wouldn’t know about the flea unless you read about it.

That day, too, there were some major blogshops like Ohsofickle & Earl Grey Party having their clothes buffet at Beer Market as well. Ohsofickle had some hourly-sales with every piece going off at only $4! Majorly cheap okay, was telling myself I shouldn’t succumb to shopping but fine, I bought one. Just one! Super happy though. & I think Ohsofickle’s Tammy Tay is so much prettier in real life! Even though my gfs think she looks prettier in pictures. Love Bonito was having its anniversary sales across the road at Novotel Hotel, and Joanne was telling me about how they had mad sales at the very last hour before closing. She got a blazer at $1.50, are you kidding me. I would’ve gone if I’d known!


This was really super fun! Although we earned an extremely meager amount, the process was so extremely enjoyable. We even tried the clothes buffet concept but honestly, there was seriously an absolute lack of traffic there so it didn’t help. The afternoon was sooo slow so we just entertained ourselves over lunch, stuffed ourselves with 25 calories/piece Veggy Percy Pigs (non-gelatin ones! my brother hates it so I brought it out) and played the lame Truth or Dare. I think I talked so much that afternoon that my voice went completely hoarse by dinner time :'(

It was hoarse all the way till Monday, when I decided I should probably see a doctor by then & stop self-medicating! Doc gave me antibiotics & I took a day off of work. Stupid sinus infection really!

Grace Tiffy Cass <3


DSC044345 of us finally <3 With cindy who dropped by for a while!

DSC04438ma pretty BFFz tiffy <3

We finally packed up around 7.30pm cos it’s supposed to end at 8pm. Cass’ korean friend Hye Yeon joined us and we all had dinner at Saizeriya’s after that! Hye Yeon’s so cute! She seriously doesn’t look her age at all. You’d probably think she was our age or even younger than us just looking at these photos. Okay, except the Holey (inside joke & pun intended) Cass who forever looks like a kid still.



Chicken Stew
Salmon Salad
Grilled White Fish

Super cheap Italian food, and it’s been pretty decent the past few times I’ve been there. I didn’t know it was a Japanese-chain until like, uh now. The Chicken Stew was abit too salty though.


The desserts were so good! Much much better than the mains. We ordered 4 for sharing! Tiffy loved her Pana Cotta so much because it’s her favourite dessert. I liked the Tiramisu and Truffle Ice Cream. The Lava Cake was a bit fail though, and we joked that it was more like a Mud Cake since the chocolate inside was half-hardened.









Was contemplating on joining Tiffy and her friends for a drink back at Beer Market, but my voice was really gone by then. Felt kind of weird lugging around our bags and mini luggages too actually, we totally looked like tourists! Probably not going to do a flea again anytime soon cos it’s pretty tiring if you ask me. We donated most of our remnant clothings to The Salvation Army straight after our flea ended, and after exchanging a few pieces among ourselves. That bit was pretty funny hee. Anyway, some people threw their apparel away after being unable to sell them off, and that’s just horrible in my opinion. If you don’t have any more use for it, it doesn’t mean that other people don’t okay!

I miss these girls already! We were intending to head to JB this weekend for a day trip but it seems like it may not materialize anymore because we’ve all got busy schedules. We’ll see!

Flea Sales 0 Fun Laughter & Jokes 1

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