Flea tomorrow w ma flenz


I actually miss my longer mid-length hair now that I’m looking at past pictures.


Flea tomorrow with my friends!! :D So happy that Tiffy, Cindy, Cass, Grace & I are finally going to meet up as 5 after god knows how long! So happy for Grace cos she’s been offered a spot in Seattle University, so she’s gonna be going back there to continue her studies in US. Which means another 2+ years without her in Singapore. It’s going to be a long, exciting day up ahead.

First time getting a booth, hope it’d be fun! It’ll be held at Beer Market from 12-8pm, and I hope there’s going to be a crowd there so we can all sell our stuff. Cassie’s gonna be selling awesome cute socks imported from Korea as well, and gonna be doing some publicizing for her instashop @clothemytoes as well :)

Can’t wait to have another picnic/BBQ with them! The picture above was taken at our first picnic together after 3 years of knowing each other. Grace is not in the picture though. Shall update this post with more pictures when I get back home!

Feeling slightly chirpier than usual today, hee. Was relooking at my old blogs (& my friends’) and rediscovered some old songs I used to listen to. Happy happy.

Flea tomorrow w ma flenz

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