Short dinner at Folk’s Collective

Was supposed to meet Kelly & Debbie on the same evening of the Biz Commencement at 6.30pm, but I only left NUS at around that time so I was pretty late for dinner. Could only stay a while too because I had to get home earlier in case my Mum gets annoyed, but I’m glad we managed to catch up abit for that short period of time! I miss them so much, my most awesome tablemates in secondary school ever. Also, I realized that they’re probably the happiest and most optimistic bunch of friends I have :’) Which is refreshing and humbling, and reminded me of how I should be more like them.Can’t wait to meet them again, and hopefully with Lin Wei too next time!



My happy & pretty tablemates, the twin-like Kelly & Debbie <3

We had dinner at Folk’s Collective, which had a very very pretty interior. The Pad Thai was so spicy though, and I think it’s what has caused me to fall sick. It was like the deal breaker, yknow, the one that finally threw me off the edge and made my already heaty-body go into overdrive. Not gonna eat Pad Thai again for the next few months…Pad Thai in Thailand was so much nicer & more importantly, non-spicy! Meh.


Debbie & Kelly found the portions not-too-generous, and I kind of agree! Maybe it’s because Thai food is meant to be not-so-expensive for us, since we always travel to Bangkok & all with the notion that things are much cheaper there. The Thai Iced Tea was really nice though, took a sip from Debbie’s & I liked it! It’s something that I’d prefer sharing, however, because it’s the typical sweet-and-calorie-busting type of drink. She had actually ordered an Iced Lemon Tea but they screwed the order up, luckily the drink was good.


I was pretty surprised to find out that the menu was still a Soft Launch Menu, because it’s been at least 2-3 months since they opened? From the number of reviews available online, I’d assumed that the restaurant would have gone into full launch by now. Hmmm. Previous reviews did mention that the pad thai wasn’t spicy at all, but the ones we had were, so I’m guessing that they’re still revising their recipes and all. I was really tired at that time so I just picked Pad Thai, hoping it’d be nice. Alright in case I sound like a whiny bitch, I’d acknowledge that it was good, the noodles were cooked al dente and the slices of chicken were tender without being dry.


If I had a chance I would drop by this place again! & perhaps also pop by at The Little Party Cafe, which is also situated at China Square Central as well. We were just lamenting how the place looks vastly different at night and during the day. It looks so empty when night falls, save for a while CBD-ers getting dinner or grabbing a drink.

I know I keep saying this, but oh my god thinking of Pad Thai/looking at the picture above makes me sick now.

Short dinner at Folk’s Collective

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