Happy Graduation Pals!

I’ve taken leave off of work for the 2nd day in the row because I’m now a sick cat ._. Probably been tiring myself too much recently and I haz now fallen. I even got a fever a couple of hours ago and immediately downed Panadol to curb it. Not sure if I’ve got enough energy for the busy weekend up ahead, hmm.


I made it in time for Yiwei & Cherry’s Commencement 2 days ago in the end! So super happy that I did. Ended work at 5.30pm sharp and made a mad dash out of the office, thanks for waiting friends! Was thankful to find that the place was still pretty packed by the time I reached at 6pm. Thank god for cabs, although I spent a bomb on them by cabbing 3 times that night. Congratulations to my pretty & awesome girlfriends, love you girls so much :’)

Picture Time!

My pretty friends – Yiwei & Cherry :)




HAPPY GRADUATION :’) Finally done with 15 years of education!


HAHAHA so super mega cute.



After a tiring afternoon through the graduation ceremony and an insane amount of photo taking

Commencement is such an emotional thing, really. Just imagining myself go through it in a year’s time gives me goosebumps.

Shall go check my temperature now & hope that it has dropped. Fridayyyyyy tomorrowwwwww.

Happy Graduation Pals!

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