Awfully Exhausted


I am so tired right now & all I want to do is curl up in bed, with my bolster hugged tight and fall asleep while nuzzling into the pillow. Been having headaches these 2 days (god knows when was the last time I had one), and it doesn’t help that all I’m thinking about is how I could be spending my time doing a jog instead of being stuck at the office. My university best friends are also having their commencement right now, ending in a couple of minutes at 5pm, but I can’t be there because work only ends at 5.30. Wasn’t there for Woong’s, and now not for Yiwei & Cherry’s ones either. I am such a fail friend :'(

We didn’t nail the FSP interview too, by the way. Sucks, but oh well. Makes me feel very meh because afterall we did put a slight bit (yes we did) of effort into it, but then again we weren’t exactly extremely keen on the project in the first place. We were just desperate for one so we decided to try it. Both a blessing and curse that we didn’t get it yeah.

Gonna go meet Kelly & Debbie for dinner later at Folks Collective!! Excited excited because it’s been months since we 3 met up. Even longer since all 4 of us met up! I miss my awesome sec 3-4 tablemates. Kelly’s finally back from her honeymoon-like exchange in Milan, and Debbie’s gonna be heading for Sweden next sem. While Linwei who has came back from Glasgow’s currently in India for a program. Believe me when I say that my bunch of friends consist of huge-ass globetrotters. Jealous to the max, babes, jealous ttm. I miss Europe so much!


On a side note, I’ve finally settled my tickets to Hong Kong! Gonna be heading there in about 2 weeks’ time and I can’t believe I’m finally going there after the whole world’s been there and back, some even a couple of times. First time going on an overseas trip with Woongsy! Second time with Selina since we traveled in Europe last Summer, and third time with Hoho after Korea & Chiang Mai! Sel’s braided cornrows really look Rihanna like btw, can’t stop giggling at her over it.

I’m pretty revved up about the trip too because I’m gonna be there 2 days earlier than the 3 of them to look for Joyce! And possibly Minhui too since she’s gonna be there with her hall friends. The holiday sounds like a party already. K, shall tone it down because everything I look forward to manages to screw itself up in the end somehow.

20 more minutes before work ends. I am so homesick. Okay, more like my-own-bed-sick. I am such a homey these days because I love cancelled plans and personal nua time. Yawn.

Awfully Exhausted

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