By the pool

2013-07-06 14.39.41Macarons from Grand Copthorne King’s Hotel

(yes, the one next to Zouk and has since managed to stop clubbers from borrowing their toilets to do their makeup/rest/puke/do their business through the night – you’re now only allowed to enter if you show your guest card)

With reference to the title of this post, I’m now doing this post up next to the pool at my condo. In the slight drizzle of rain while the younger sister’s taking dips in the pool. Wish I could swim too but it’s the time of the month & hence highly inconvenient to do so.

I chopped off my hair this morning. I think the lack of sleep has made me decide to cut it pretty short, so goodbye to the longest hair length I’ve had in 10 years or something. It wasn’t that long in the first place but YES I’VE ALWAYS HAD SHORT OR EXTREMELY SHORT MID-LENGTH HAIR. How long will it take to grow everything back oh my god.

Anyway, this has been such a hectic week. I find it amazing how I need less sleep these days after spending the night out. I’m still shagged from work on Friday since I only came back to Singapore late Thursday night. It was such a busy busy Saturday too. Had our CP Interview, met Cherry for dinner, and then a short girls’ night out with Minhui & Sheryl!

Met up with Nicole & Yiyun in school a couple of hours earlier to prepare for our CP/FSP/FYP interview. I really hope we get this settled as soon as possible so we can stop stressing over it. It’s hard to find an awesome Prof with an awesome project yeah. Popped by UCC for the Medicine & Nursing Commencement after that. Bunch of really smart people graduating and god, even the parents looked attas. Can’t see myself graduating in another year’s time.

Tried to take the shuttle bus to Kent Ridge MRT after that but because I was stoning like a freaking genius, I ended up taking D1 instead of A2 and landed myself at HMK instead. I almost clawed my own brains out aghast at my stupidity.

2013-07-14 02.52.37Met Cherry dear for dinner last night & we had Skinny Pizza. It was such a hilarious dinner, miss Tientien so much! Finally trying it after a million years. I was actually the one suggesting pizza, but only because it’s the low-carb version. You’d probably never catch me dead on suggesting any pizza place because it’s so not worth the calories.

We had a ginger butter chicken pizza & also indulged in a side of sweet potato nibblets. The pizza was good, but not great. The rocket leaves were a bit of an overkill after a while. I’m glad we decided to get the sweet potato over truffle fries because they were awesome! It was lightly glazed with sugar frostings & sesame seeds and wasn’t too sweet. Sweet potato’s like the best thing ever. (I know, we kind of compensated for the low-carb pizza with high-carb sweet potato so it’s still an unhealthy meal, but sweet potato’s worth it okay hee)

2013-07-13 18.37.06

Tried to walk to Selegie to find Cups n Canvas after that but it was so much further than I thought. Gave up and wanted to go eat Rochor Tau Huay but heaven had no mercy on us and it was packed to the brim.

2013-07-14 17.27.55

Sheryl & Minhui :) Highly pixelated picture and it was so dark inside Butter so I filtered it. Our girls’ night out, which I decided to spontaneously go for in the end. It was good fun for the short night we had this time! Coincidentally met Cam & Velvarie there too, which made it even better. Our alcohol threshold is getting too high – 2 Graveyards & multiple mixes later we were still pretty sober.

Came back home, crashed and woke up unbelievably early at 9am.

So tired now! Need some feed for my soul.

By the pool

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