3x Cafe Hopping in 2 Days

I’ve been reading some pretty serious stuff these 2 days and it’s been weighing down on me somewhat heavily…Within these 2 days, my mindset revolving around a certain issue has changed so drastically that I might have made my mind up over a potentially life-altering decision. It’s a complex I hold very close to me, and is something that I have rarely, if ever, mentioned to anyone else. More about it when it’s the time.

Anyway. So I’ve decided to come up with a more lighthearted post to take my own mind off things.  Positivism is always key. So, hi there! Here’s a post on the 3 cafes I covered in 2 days – 40 Hands & Selfish Gene Cafe in a day, and Piquenique with my BFF Woongsy on another day. Didn’t take many photos though because I was alone & didn’t want to appear like I was inspecting the place!

Wasn’t feeling well at work one day when my nose started running like it was in an Olympics event. When I started sneezing consecutively, and choked on a cough, my colleague asked if I wanted to take the rest of the day off, which I gladly did. Amazingly felt better after I left the office, so I decided to go on a cafe adventure myself so the precious sudden free time wasn’t wasted.

Going out time is pretty scarce for me these days, since work takes up 5 days and I try to spend more time during the weekend at home with my family. So this is how I ended up going to 40 Hands & Selfish Gene!

40 Hands

78 Yong Siak Street #01-12


This place has a pretty small interior which is rather dimly lit, as well as an outdoor area behind which is extremely simplistic. Small stools, makeshift lookalike tables and a metal flooring that reminds you of a cargo lift. Not the most comfortable chill out place ever in terms of environment, but since it prides itself on its coffee, it’s doing a pretty damn good job. The hot cafe mocha I ordered was almost the best I’ve ever had. I don’t like stuff that are too sweet, and this was really just nice. An aromatic scent of bitter coffee with just a tease of saccharine – the skimmed milk I asked for did not downplay the awesomeness of the coffee. Yes, I am still craving for it even after 3 weeks.



Ordered a slice of carrot cake after I couldn’t decide what to get. The chocolate tart looked absolutely indulgent but ordering it with a mocha would be too much. The cream cheese was thick and sweet, so I scraped off the sides of it so to lighten the calorie bomb. Some reviews thought the carrot cake was too dry but I liked it just fine. You can still see carrot bits actually (refer to above photo), which made it slightly crunchy. Some people might not like seeing actual carrot bits though!

And yes, that’s a book I grabbed from the heavily-talked about BooksActually just across the street! The pictures I’ve taken of the place have mysteriously disappeared by themselves. Anyway, the bookstore houses the writings of many local authors, so expect to find stories you would possibly be able to relate even more closely to. Eg. Confessions of a Bedok-kia (I just spun it off my head actually, but you get the drift)

Selfish Gene Cafe

40 Craig Road

IMG_6206 IMG_6208

Extremely simple interior that was cosy and comfortable. Grabbed a chicken salad which came with generous shreds of chicken breast, mesclun and dressed with gomadare, which is essentially sesame seed dipping sauce (I didn’t know this when I ordered). This was really tasty while not too heavy, especially because I prefer clear salad dressings that are light.


Drinks-wise, I had an iced SGC tea, which is a flavorful concoction of ceylon and earl grey tea. I had the syrup served on the side and didn’t touch it at all because I like my tea bitter. This was refreshing and cleansed my palate pretty well.

Pique Nique

Ngee Ann City


Pistachio & Red Velvet Macarons




Farmer’s Omelette: Made with 3 eggs, sauteed onions, bacon, sausage, potatoes and mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, served with white toast & side salad – this was so good! Woongsy ordered this before that & I was like, I’m not hungry, I won’t order…Then when she ate, it reminded me of the comfort food I had when I was a kid (I don’t know why either) that I had to get it. So there, my lunch! Didn’t finish the toast though!


Had a really great catch up with BFF Spykidz Woongsy that day too, btw. We laughed so hard I’m pretty sure we embarrassed ourselves to the seams.

Okay, enough of words. I’m sleepy. Pew pew.

3x Cafe Hopping in 2 Days

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