Earl Grey Cupcakes 1(image from Google)

I have half a mind to drop my internship for the second half of July and use whatever I’ve earned from it so far to invest in baking classes & an oven at home. My Mum has been putting off buying an oven because she says to wait till we’re more settled down first. Settle down from what you may ask. It’s been about a month since we stopped living like a nomad & I’m extremely grateful for that. After Daddy passed on we’ve since stayed over at 2 aunty’s places for extra company to help Mummy ease back into life. To say that it was disruptive to our normal lifestyles is probably an understatement. The entire episode is another novel in itself, so back to the oven.

Yes.  I want to bake. I don’t know if it’s the cooking genes from Mummy’s side (my grandparents, uncles & aunties are all great cooks) but I aspire to whip up drool-worthy stuff that’ll give me satisfaction. I can’t cook for nuts now & this makes me sad. I mean, k, stirfried stuff isn’t thattttt difficult, but cooking healthy stuff is super important to me. Well, aside from baked goodies of course, since most of them are just dollops of flour butter eggs and sugar condensed to perfection in a mould.

On a side note, baking classes are so expensive in Singapore!

I want to cook and bake but there’s hardly any time with my current boring, meaningless internship that fills me up till at least 6-7pm every freaking weekday.

And if I do attempt cupcakes I swear I’ll try making earl grey ones. Like the ones in the picture above. Yummy & refreshing earl grey, super like. I love earl grey.


Aye, a lovely cup of earl grey tea I got from Starbucks on a day where I pulled an all-nighter at the Dhoby Ghaut outlet. The female barista was so sweet it made my night :’)

I can’t decide if I should end my internship early. My orthodontist works only during weekday working hours, which means I have to take leave every time I have an appointment and it’s not very nice. Need to balance the pros & cons so hard.

Okay I’ve decided I’ll try making toasted oatmeal crackers in future too. Low calorie, low sugar, high fibre ones. Yumzzzzz.


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