Maison Ikkoku Cafe

It’s Tuesday & not even midweek yet, which is kind of sad enough, and even the skies are now obscured by the blanket of haze that has devoured any traces of clouds and buildings in the distance. Sigh, the smoke from the forest fires in Sumatra, Indonesia have been blown to here in Singapore & next door in Malaysia, and the air quality is now in the unhealthy range on the Air Pollutant Index. This yearly affair is getting kind of old, really, like there really should have been stepped up measures over the years to eradicate this.

Oh well!

To entertain myself on such a slow day (my eyes are closing at work, so I’m taking a break), I’ve decided to finally do a post on the rather significant amount of cafehopping I’ve been doing recently! Because Singapore is such a small country with nothing much to do, we indulge in hunts for small little corners more than usual.

(so Hi I’m back like almost 40 minutes later because I had some work to do)

Time for peektures (: By the way, I am not doing this for the sake of turning this into a food review blog or anything, but more for my own personal keepsake!

Maison Ikkoku

20 Kandahar Street


My companions for the afternoon – Fang Ting & Elizabeth :) It was the Father’s Day weekend, and it’s the first time ever I’m not ‘celebrating’  it since I was born. Having some company in the earlier part of the day did alleviate some of the meh feeling I had that day, although my friends probably didn’t know it.

It was a great chat with both of them & we had fun catching up :D The thing is, we never really hung out together that much although we were classmates in sec 3 & 4, but it’s so easy getting along with them both and we naturally had a million & one interesting things to talk about. Counting back, I actually know them for like, the 7th year now. So glad we had that first outing almost 6 months ago, and now we’re still continuing our idealistic act tai-tai cafe outings together!

IMG_6556Smoked Salmon Scrambled

We went there on a Sunday weekend nearing brunch time. The interior is really small and they had 2-3 tables reserved, so we ended up sitting outside instead.

They have a separate menu for the weekday & weekend with the latter offering a more extensive set of breakfast offerings. The 3 of us weren’t feeling hungry so we shared a Smoked Salmon Scrambled which came in a very generous serving. It was huge! The multi-grain toast was buried under the scrambled eggs, and this came with a guacamole dip (that mashed looking thing) that actually tasted pretty bland to me. I personally don’t have a tastebud that likes strong flavours (eg. too sweet, bitter, or sour for that matter), so trust me when I say it’s bland, hahaha. Some people like it alot though, as understood from reviews I read before heading there. We didn’t finish the dip though, although we cleaned every other bit off!


We had a coffee each too – Eliz & Fang Ting got the Signature MI Latte, & I got an Iced Cafe Mocha (I was so happy they had skimmed milk!) I reckon theirs was really bitter because they had to ate sachets of sugar into their drink. One thing I thought was cool about their coffee was that they had different ways of coffee preparation for you to choose from, i.e from the 6-7 kinds of coffee machines they have, there are different coffee brewing styles. This is only available for the standard black coffee (the person said), although the helpful guy did mention we could add in milk if we wanted to make it a latte, at an additional charge of course!

Their cakes look really good & I got really happy when I saw that they had the rainbow cake! I really like anything to do with rainbows, and really wanted to get it, but the person said it’s just colouring actually & proceeded to recommend something else…& we didn’t get anything in the end, hahaha. Shall go back there someday since it’s pretty near my workplace right now!

Meeting up with friends whom you grew up with at that particular stage in your life can bring back so much of the old you, and make you feel reconciled with the (possibly) happier you :’)

So thankful for each & every single one around me.

Maison Ikkoku Cafe

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