The mandatory post of every journal



This must be one of the numerous online journals i’ve created on the online social sphere since my teenage days (cue: flashback to >9 years ago). Previously rambled on a million other journals/blogs/hahahahaha.

Decided to start a completely new one because I have since convinced myself that I am going to start on a fresh page and adopt a refreshed perspective towards the journey that is life.

Life has changed substantially for me in more ways than one in just a span of less than half a year. Daddy has left us from this living space, I’ve had numerous issues that has caused me more anxiety and worries than usual, and the ways I view & treat certain personal relationships (family & friends) have also since changed significantly as well.

Being a highly sentimental person who mulls over past happenings (both happy & sad) more than necessary, I’ve decided that apart from being an outlet for me to freely air my thoughts & rants, my blog would serve as a platform for me to compile photo recollections and reminisce on incidents that have been meaningful to me.

I like traveling. I like cafes. I like trying new places, & I like going back to old ones too. There are so many precious memories to revisit, so I’m going to try and pick a picture from the past and reflect on it, & do this at least twice a week if possible. Since it’s the summer holidays now for the university, it’s the perfect time to get started on the reorganization of my life. Optimism is so important but it appears as if I’ve lost much of that happy cheer I blissfully possessed in the past. I now hope that by being thankful for the past, I’d be able to begin having faith and hope for a blessed future as well.

Be thankful we’re alive, that we’re breathing and able to appreciate all the things life has for us.

Keep faith, because faith is what holds us through.

The mandatory post of every journal

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