Montpelier Hall


So, I was obviously very excited when I managed to find this place having heard of it from my parents through the years. My parents, although very seldom, would talk about how they stayed in this hostel opposite Harrods while Daddy was furthering his Masters. Mummy would talk about the weekend market sales at Harrods where there’d be fresh fruits and vegetables and roasted chicken going off at awesomely good prices. It was like being sent on a mission to revisit the past for your parents, HAHA. I didn’t step in though, was just loitering around the outside of it, took a snapshot and just left.

I still remember very clearly that when i was taking this photo, i was thinking of how exciting it would be if our family could someday visit this place together! I thought of how happy and warm my parents would feel if they could see this in person again, the place where they kind of had their 1.5 year long honeymoon since they came over just shortly after getting married. Of course, I sent that picture to our family whatsapp chat group for them to see the moment I had wifi access that night. Mummy has insanely good memory man, she even remembers that there’s a small sainsbury just at the corner of the same street! It’s amazing how it’s still there even after 20 years.

Although Harrods merchandise is so extremely cliche, still snagged a couple of the typical ones for my parents cos i know it’d definitely please them. I later found out from Daddy’s colleague during his wake that he had told her about how I got him the Harrods pens and stuff (we always get Parker pens for his birthdays/fathers’ day gifts cos pens obviously has use for him, hahaha). I never knew it meant anything to him when I gave it to him, but you can just imagine how i started tearing when i heard it at the wake. Sigh. So yeah, it’s with him now still, in his pocket.

Sadly, Daddy never got to revisit the place. and nowI can’t imagine bringing Mummy back there again, because she’d probably be so overwhelmed with emotions and might not be able to take it. Memories can break a person so bad sometimes.

Montpelier Hall

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